Attaching enclosure without drilling all the way through the deck

Does any one have any suggestions/thoughts on this?

If possible, I’d like to attach my enclosure without having to see a bunch of extra screws on the top of my boards - I think I’ve seen on some builds from @longhairedboy and some others where this was accomplished.

Maybe extra plys of wood on the deck are necessary for the enclosure to be secure?

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Drill all the way, use wood thread screws resin on top and griptape over that.

Thats how most do it.

Okay - but I am planning on using clear grip tape or Lucid clear grip tape spray and am looking for a way to preserve the wood deck look without having like 15+ screws showing

You could use the wood dust and wood glue to add that on top, i saved the dust from my board and i mixed it in with wood glue and put it in the holes.

Was able to restore my deck to brand new, cant see where i drilled holes was even able to return it to the store for a full refund since i only drilled the holes.

But if the deck is thick just drill untill your close to the top and use the wood things you screw into it and use short screws with a little threadlocker on it.


By wood things, do you mean threaded inserts?

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Exactly, couldnt remember the name of it.


do you think the “threaded inserts route” sacrifices any structural integrity/ security?


Shouldn’t if you use enough of em and drill them deep enough. You can use resin to be certain they won’t mess up.

If you thread them in with some epoxy in the hole it shouldnt.

The only thing i would imagine is the weight of the box under it, so you might have to use bigger screws for it.

And secure most of the things on the deck itself with velcro straps.


Lol :smile:

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you could try not drilling all the way through and using something like this:

they expand and grip as you screw into them

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Threaded inserts. This is the one i use, with M4 bolts.


Yet to try. But this is my plan

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Look closely on the side of the pack I have wire hooks. They are glued down and underneath the pack is 2 layers 3m foam tape. Gonna strap it down and 6 screws m4 will hold only the enclosure and its own weight. Hope it works

I’m using the slotted ones as pictured above - 5mm, they are pretty sensitive for hole diameter and a smear of epoxy helps for sure, might have better luck with the furniture type ones…have ordered a few to compare.

You can measure deck thickness (sometimes varies a bit) and put a piece of tape around the drill bit to tell you when to stop drilling

that works a treat for sure. I also use a white line of paint from a paint pen, it seems to cause less distraction as the tape wants to fly off, and sometimes it moves.


Do what I did… Deck is 10mm buy 10mm wood inserts. Put wood insert on grinder take 2mm off. Drill, 8mm holes.insert the insert. Boom not all the way through


Special drill bit tape…just existed it now actually like your method better [quote=“longhairedboy, post:17, topic:44119”] the tape wants to fly off [/quote]

I’m using GoPro 3M adhesive to secure my plastic box.