Attempting to scale up a rc car as a skateboard. Anyone know a reasonable way to have front end steering?

Hi, everyone I’m attempting to make a steerable front end so I can move stuff using my electric skateboard anyone have any success doing this? Any help is appreciated

I’d imagine you either need to use a 1/5th scale RC car front end or run pneumatic cylinders on the truck and use that to turn

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Make a 4wd board (dolly), with two seperate dual motor controllers, then you set it up so left side and right side can be controlled forwards/reverse independently.

Basically Track steering…

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It sounds like it might work I’ll give it go. I have a feeling its going to be difficult to keep under control I’ll try a few versions of it.

Do a google for Losi DB XL.

Do you want to steer via a remote while off the board or also while riding?

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@BLKFD I just want it to follow me around I have the software skills to code for this but just needed guidance on how to get the steering under control. RC stuff seems to be limited on how much weight it can handle.

There are a lot of aftermarket Aluminum cnc parts for the losi dB xl, you could replace every plastic bit with aluminum. What’s your target max payload?

I was thinking of doing something similar, but I wanted ride optional. So it has to lean steer as well as a non lean steer. I think I figured it out but decided to ball that project up.