(AU) Selling Enertion Raptor 1 Carbon Fibre Deck

Located: Sydney, Australia. Postage: Prefer postage in Australia, but international is possible. If you let me know where you are I can calculate postage. (Roughly $50AUD to US, EU) Price: As most people here know the raptor 1 was fairly limited production board and most decks were thrashed. I haven’t got a set price as I am not sure what people are willing to pay. Offers welcome.

Selling my loved Raptor 1 deck. It’s been displayed in my room on my wall for too long. Someone should be shredding on this great deck. After about 200km I moved all of my raptor parts onto a shorter carbon fibre deck as the raptor 1 deck was too long for a commuter board. Board is in great condition. It has the tail guard so that has protected the tail. Comes with 2nd gen lid, so no connection issues. I have the handles, just didn’t take the photos with them attached.

This was one of the first raptors to be delivered so it had some issues with the grip tape adhesion. I still have the grip tape rolled up but I re-griped it a week or so into getting my board.

I have resprayed the deck with a matte finish rather than the gloss. I always like my carbon fibre matt finished. If you want to buy the board but want it in a gloss finish then let me know. I can for a small amount re wet sand the board and reseal with a gloss finish. BUTTT the matte finish does look totally killer.

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How much do you want for it?

I can start bidding at 140.

i’ll take it to US for $150AUD

155 I’m in Ireland but have family in Australia

I was offering 150 usd 189AUD

So are you looking buy both raptor 1 decks nah?

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I just want to get 1. First one I can get I will purchase.

Ill take it for 150$$ if u still got it. I live in Hawaii. Willing to pay whatever’s for the shipping

I’ll buy both raptor 1 decks if u have em

Yeah I still have the deck. Where are you located?

That 1 or do you have 2? I am in Portland oregon

You still got that bad boy? I have been looking at that for ages. I’m i n qld. dm me

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So I am interested in 1 or both if u have. Please contact me.

yes please, I am interested, please message me!!

Do u still have it

Hello. If the decks are still available, i will tak’em off your hands. $250 aud. each. I have someone located in nsw.