Hi guys,

Wanting to sell parts for a build. I was planning to build a board ages ago but never got to it. I just want to get rid of everything so my loss is your gain!

Items below (AUD):

  • 40x Samsung 30Q 1860 cells - $300
  • 2x ZIPPY 5s 8000mah 30C LiPo - $200
  • 1x Turnigy 3s 5000mah 40c LiPo - $50
  • 1x Generic 10s BMS - $30
  • 1x Anti-spark switch -$20
  • XT90 & XT60 connectors - $20
  • Taobao Vanguard Copy with generic wheels + DIY electric Skateboards mounts + Maytech 6374 motor + Caliber Trucks - $300
  • SkyRC IMAX B6AC V2 - $50

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/zkcL8J2ufR6asmyN6

My location is in 3145 Australia. Pick up > postage (except for the batteries). Discount for multiple items.

Let me know if you have any questions!

what country?

Whoops, AU could get other countries. I’m located in Australia.

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prices in usd or aud

Sorry, AUD

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What anti spark and how much for the balance charger shipped to uk

It’s the anti spark from https://diyelectricskateboard.com/. If you’re willing to pay for shipping, I can get a quote.

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i will pay shipping

can you get a quote for the anti spark and the imax balance charger to uk

how many charge cycles have the zippys had?

Will do. PM your address details and I’ll see roughly how much

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None. These have been gathering dust for a build I never got around to building

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if they’re still available late next week I’ll probs take em dude

Sorry to be hijacking your post a bit but how do I actually make a post on this website?

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I’ll PM you then

hi @moistousness i hav pmed you please reply