(Aus) Enertion R-SPEC ESK8 Hub Drive Kit / RAYNE Savage V2 LOLO 37"Longboard Deck

Selling off some items from a build which I will no longer be carrying out. Have decided to go a different route. All items are brand new and never used.

Brand New Never used Enertion R-Spec Drive kit for sale. Paid $900AUD Delivered. Asking $650AUD.Enertion%20R%20Spec%20Drive%20Kit

Brand New RAYNE Savage V2 LOLO 37"Longboard Deck for sale. Paid over $300AUD. Selling for $250AUD. Also comes with 40x10" Siesmic LOKTON grip tape. %24_203 %24_20 %24_201

Please message me if interested. Will consider selling all together if both agree on price. Any shipping will be at buyers expense. Items are located in Perth Western Australia.

Cheers, Shaun.


Got some really good price points there my friend. Good luck with the sale. I chucked up aus in the title for you because thats how I roll. :sunglasses:


Cheers mate appreciate it. Pretty new as far as creating posts so any help is appreciated :call_me_hand:

I am curious though as to the change in plans. Only because I am the most fluid builder here. They start they change they go somewhere else. Oh and I am in a flux regarding what to do next so I am shamelessly trolling for ideas. sue me.

500 ausdols say’s he’s going MTB. (that’s about £4.50 real money right?)


After brexit us Australians might be able to use some monopoly money to transact with you if you like? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not bad prices there :). Just FYI though Concrete Lines really does the price of that deck to about $240 AUD in their seemingly once per month 20% off sale.

Never seen it at that price at Concrete Lines myself but yeah if they do ‘once a month’ then good on them. Currently on special @ $310. I bought it from them when it wasn’t on special at & $360 and paid $20 postage. Still a decent discount as it is brand new.