[AUS WTS] 3D Printing Services

Supplying 3D Printing services to the community

No down payments unless its a group buy, All Payments are handled through paypal.
No payments are handled through friends and family!

If there is a specific print you need just supply the STL file and i can have it printed for you, If you also require other parts for example screws or electronics or would like something built for you i can also provide that service.

Print Bed Dimensions

Length: 280mm
Width: 280mm
Height: 380mm

Available Materials


These are some of the finished prints i have done, Debured, putty, sand and Air brushed with a glossy non yellowing protective finish.

These parts are for the Firefly Nano Feather remote, these are the outer shells.

All parts painted with 2-3 coats and a gloss finish.

Add a wrist strap for $1.50

IMG_20190321_145532 IMG_20190321_150822 IMG_20190321_150833 IMG_20190321_150924 IMG_20190321_150934 IMG_20190321_151144 IMG_20190321_151203 IMG_20190321_151317 IMG_20190321_151326IMG_20190412_184145

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Not gonna make you cite your sources but do you honestly believe this?


I wooould like to see a strength test, perhaps one shall meet the hammer gods?

Or a drop test :thinking:with simated internals with a weight or something… I wouldnt ask you to risk the whole remote :sob:

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stated by the supplier themselves. you can look it up on 3D fillies they are based in Australia/Melbourne.

Here is a link for you.

3D Fillies

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E: woops I stand corrected I didn’t scroll far enough into the page

I still thought it was strong enough anyways… Would I buy one if I didn’t? :yum:

I appreciate the link. They reference their testing well. Be careful in the way they word their testing methods. I print a LOT of PLA and PLA+ from a variety of sellers and notice almost no difference in strength, finish, color, etc. Do you print any other materials?


mostly PLA+ as its been strong enough for what i use it for i have a roll of ABS but its tricky to print with when you dont have an enclosure for the printer itself, the layers start to warp the further off the bed you go. this leads to unreliable results. I have been looking at building an enclosure for it but the issue is where i can put it since its a CR10S modded an enclosure would help me print abs though i havent tested it again after the upgrades i have done which i may do again shortly to see if its possible to print ABS without an enclosure without it warping.

I Agree with what your saying, it could be how they test the filament and shouldn’t be said in stone. i have tested the PLA that came with my printer compared to the PLA+ i got from 3D Fillies and i noticed a significant difference in strength and print quality alone.


Great to hear, I’m going to have to buy a roll and try it out! You should check out this PLA with carbon fibre embedded. It prints wickedly smooth. Hopefully you can get it or something similar to try out sometime.

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A collaboration to thicken the remote to hopefully provide a more durable and better weighted(I dont want my remote to feel as light as a feather!) has been started :slight_smile:

(as an available option, I cant speak for him, I just know what im getting o3o)


Since i have not tested the prints in ABS since i have done the mods, ill be doing a test print in ABS and if all goes well since im able to keep the bed temp at a stable 90c i might be able to get ABS prints instead of PLA+ which are much more stronger and heat resistant.

ABS is a no go with my current setup however i will be doing some tests with PETG which is stronger than ABS. i will see how these results go for those who want a stronger print. if both end in a failure. i wil be looking at adding an enclosure and re attempting both abs and PETG prints.

Cost on printing me some nese enclosures ? Specifically the 2s3p ones or the 1s3p ones

@Vero would you have a link to this please.

http://18650.lt/index.php/2s3p-n-e-s-e-module/ http://18650.lt/index.php/3p-n-e-s-e-module/

would you like vented or fully enclosed version?

Vented since it’s cheaper probs :wink:

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Starting print now

Can you please print me a GT2B in black? I’m in Perth WA Australia

@Gaza65 do you have a link to the file?

Search Mad monkey on here it’s a free download

@Gaza65 Let me know if this is the one your after. Link