Australian ESk8ers - roll call

G’day Fellow Aussies. Thought it would be a good idea to have a topic for people in Australia where we can discuss offshore purchasing, shipping, group buys, laws, evading magpies, fanatical cyclists at peak hour and of course sport. Post here about any local suppliers you may have found.


I’m looking at buying several of dunkirks enclosures. Here’s his work I’ve got 2 vanguards to work on so am after his 50mm cases. He’s charging 30 euro per piece plus $35 euro tracked shipping. Postage is the same up to 10 enclosures where shipping becomes free !!! @dunkirk for clarity !

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im in aussie & i have a shop that sells some esk8 stuff.

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Yep - bought heaps! Quality stuff! One question, the vescs that suffered from the multliplication firmware bug ? Are they covered by warranty??

if you have the platinum warranty all faults, even user errors is covered, we will send an instant replacement.

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when I bought my vesc, way back in May, there was no such way to buy a warranty seperately. A firmware fault would be classed as a manufacturing fault I would have thought

I might be interested in the enclosures @Jebe

cool - check em out - shoot any questions to @dunkirk I’ll want to order them in about a week. Where abouts are you?

horsham victoria

Any recommendation on battery cells for a Diy pack? Anywhere in Aus you can get them?

not really, most are quite expensive, try took 3 week to arrive tho

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What cell did you use? And did you get the extra soldering tags? @Pathaim

try ballarat e-bikes He builds custom packs - $1 more per cell than I could buy them for. He’s on endless sphere

@nick191 @Pathaim Used Samsung 25rs with no soldering tags. He spot welded them.

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