Avatar @delta_19

@delta_19 I felt safer when your avatar had breasts - I’m sure @longhairedboy will agree.

This was a drastic change for sure. Sort of like when i grew a beard for three months and couldn’t figure out if i liked it or not, so i suddenly shaved it off in a fit of power drunk control over myself. It was exhilarating.

i do sort of miss the boobs though.

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… I need words apparently

Is this thread really happening right now? Lmao


I decree that unless @delta_19 changes his profile pic back I will ddos the shit out of him

you know thats illegal right and get you a jail sentence of 5 years?

Its not illegal m8 get rkt

you really want to play that fucking game.

you wot m8? fite me scrublord

I hope you are playing along with my sarcasm. I dont have any information to ddos you. You usually get ddos’d when you are in a skype call on League. Other than that you have no chance of getting ddos’d

I have no idea what this thread is about… but its not really about electric skateboards and it could be considered offensive and seems generally not appropriate. so thread is now closed.

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