Avio MK2 Herringbone Gear Drive [Fill up the Google Form to Reserve a set!]

The Avio MK2 Gear Drive

Introducing the new Avio AT Gear Drive MK2, Herringbone Edition! We have redesigned the entire drive and improved it based on feedback from the original MK1 Gear Drive.

Pricing Table:

  • Prices listed below includes PayPal Charges and excludes Shipping. For shipping charges, refer to the table below.
Package: Item/s Est. Shipping Weight (KG) Price (NTD) Price (USD)
A 2WD MK2 Avio Drive 1.76 $13,300 $439
B 2WD MK2 Avio Drive + Kahua Trucks 3.74 $17,200 A + $129
C 2WD MK2 Avio Drive + Bergmeister Wheels 3.85 $17,500 A + $139
D 2WD MK2 Avio Drive + Kahua Trucks + Bergmeister Wheels 5.83 $21,500 A + $271

Estimated Shipping Cost:

  • Shipping costs listed are in USD.
  • Kindly use the Est. Shipping Weight (KG) listed in the Pricing Table above to estimate what shipping to your country will be.
  • Bundling / combined shipping options are available. PM @Avio if you’d like to arrange this. Do note that bundled shipping can be significantly cheaper. (e.g. A bundle of 5 Package A’s shipped to USA will cost $106 as opposed to $195 when shipped individually.)
Shipping Weight (KG) USA UK / Europe Australia Asia
0 to 2 39 39 33 24
2 to 4 53 53 50 35
4 to 6 70 70 66 44
6 to 10 106 106 99 63
More than 10 PM to enquire PM to enquire PM to enquire PM to enquire

How to purchase?:

  • Simply reserve a set by filling out the order form here and we will send you an invoice when we have ready stock!
  • We are currently ahead of schedule and expect our drives to reach us by mid-Jan’ 20.
  • Do note that due to our limited stock, the drives will be sold based off the google form on a first-come-first-serve basis.


  • Herringbone Gears - Experience just how quiet these are. There’s a video below depicting the difference in sound between straight-cut gears and herringbone gears.

  • 20% Smaller - The entire gear drive has been shrunk by approximately 20%! It now fits in your jeans pocket, if you want to use it as a really dope wallet.

  • 30% Lighter - Severe weight reductions compared to the MK1.

  • 30% More Ground Clearance - Ground clearance has been improved from 24mm to 32mm. Yes, we’ve seen the scratches on the MK1 when off-roading and we were not happy about it.

  • Swappable Gear Ratios - We’ve been getting comments from speed demons that like to go FAST. We’ve yielded. The MK2 will now feature a 13:43 ratio with swappable gear pinions in the future (12:43, 14:43, 15:43). Pinions can be easily swapped by simply pulling the gear out by hand and plopping a new pinion in. NO more green loctite or any of that set-screw crap, these drives are self aligning and do not require anything other than a secured keyway on the motor shaft.

  • Steel pinions on POM wheel gears - We have listened and changed out the Aluminium Pinions with S45C Carbon Steel coated with Black Oxide, while keeping our white POM Wheel Gears!

  • Designed to fit wheel sizes from 120mm and up - With the new redesigned gear drive, we can adapt it onto 120mm PU wheels and still maintain a clearance of 19mm. (To put this into perspective, my previous Urethane gear drive was designed to have 15mm clearance with 107mm wheels). A hybrid adapter will be manufactured to adapt to both original ABEC and Kegel wheel cores. This will be released at a later date.

What’s New?

MK2 vs MK1 Size Comparison:

What’s Included?

Material Component Colour Qty
AL6061-T6 Motor Mount Black 2
AL6061-T6 Cover Black 2
AL5052 Sealing Plate Black 2
S45C-Black Oxide Herringbone Pinion 13T Black 2
POM Herringbone Wheel Gear 43T White 2
POM Wheel Adapter Black 2
Nitrile Rubber V-Ring Black 2
SUS304 M3x8mm Screw Silver 4
SUS304 M3x10mm Screw Silver 4
SUS304 M3x25mm Screw Silver 4
12.9 Grade Steel M5x25mm Screw Black 6
12.9 Grade Steel M8x25mm Set Screw Black 2
12.9 Grade Steel M8x30mm Set Screw Black 4
- 6705zz Bearing - 2
PLA 3-DP Squaring Jig - 1

Designed for the Kahua Trucks:

  • The Kahua truck is made for speed on any terrain! It is the combination of a forged and precision milled hanger with super strong 12mm diameter / 8mm stepped axles and a 50-degree baseplate.
  • 340mm total truck width with axles made of extremely strong carbon steel.
  • Tighten the 92A barrel bushings and your board will be stable for gnarly speed fun, loosen them and you can enjoy an intense carving session.

Designed for the Bergmeister Wheels:

  • Precision CNC milled three-spoke hubs in 5 different colors to choose from. 150mm wheel diameter and 45mm width. Fits all standard longboard trucks with 8mm axles.
  • The Bergmeister All-terrain tire is designed with a multi-arc profile, which means that the thread profile varies across the full tire profile. This design allows for better steering and providing substantially more traction than normal shaped tires of same diameter.

Latest Video Update!


  • We’re now in the Quality Control phase!
  • You can now reserve a set here!

Estimated timeline:

  • Early Nov to Mid-Nov: Settle logistics/ Negotiate with vendors
  • Mid Nov to Mid Dec: Manufacturing + Quality Control
  • Mid Dec - Mid Jan: Buffer window for unexpected events
  • Mid Jan: MK2 Drives In-Stock!


Q: Are there herringbone gears for those who have the MK1 who don’t want to swap to the MK2? A: Yes. We currently have very limited stock of Alu-Alu and Alu-POM Herringbone gears. These will be a one-off and we will not be producing anymore of these gears for the MK1. Grab them while it lasts. You can either PM me or @haggyboard.timo for a set! Update (31st Nov- we are down to our last MK1 Alu-Alu herringbone gear set.)

Q: Can the MK1 or MK2 be adapted onto caliber trucks or any other trucks? A: Sorry, no. These are designed solely for the amazing Kahua Trucks. Get them, you won’t regret it.

Q: What wheel adapters does the MK2 Gear Drive come with? A: It comes with the Bergmeister Wheel Adapter and will be sold as a set with the MK2 Gear Drive. The Hybrid Wheel adapter will be released very soon!

Q: How do I get my hands on one? A: Fill this form up and we will send you an invoice for one when we have ready stock (eta. Mid Jan’ 20).

Supporting 3D-Printed Files


Hi everybody, all components are in stock now and the first sets have already been sent out to customers. On the other forum you can read see test reports / testimonials from those who have already received their MK2 drive systems.

Stock is limited and are sold on first come - first serve basis. If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to Send Jeff or me a message.

We have 170kv and 190kv motors in stock that perfectly work with the MK2.


I run a mountainboard with 9" tires and I’m looking for both 10mm motor shaft compatibility and mount capability for MBS Matrix II trucks, or possible Flame DirtPipe 2.2 trucks. What would it cost to finance the engineering required to adapt? I’m also looking for a 1:5 or 1:6 reduction ratio. I’d look at your motors but I’m running Maytech 6396 motors with 0.2mm stator lamination thickness. If it’s not possible to allow for 10mm motor shafts worst-case I can rotary-grind and machine new shafts for my motors.

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image ohhh shit that is what those were called. Would help you design an adapter to BN gearbox if you want.