Awesome super cheap 15$ ENCLOSURE alternative

Guys recently I was in need for an enclosure, I knew it was going to be temporary so I didn’t want to blew too much money on getting proper custom made one. By accident I’ve found something on amazon that seems like it’s made for esk8t builders.

What’s so great about it:

    • Dimensions are perfect : 20"x8"x2" _
    • Price 14$_
    • You can easily trim it down from 2" of height to 1" with dremel tool._
    • It’s made of great impact / hard plastic material._
    • You can easily drill holes in it , it won’t crack. _
    • It looks really nice, all shiny and has great diagonal shape_

The whole thing is actually a food tray and you can get it from amazon:


If you could heat the bottom lip evenly you could push down on the top and make a lip, maybe use a straight edge to make the lion flat. It’s pretty wise, but for the money not bad option at all.

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I had some problems mounting it, but then I’ve found a great way to have it in place. I use two hinges in the back, and two long screws with wood inserts in the front. It keeps my heavy battery in place without any problems.

if I didn’t do almost the same thing today with a €1 Ikea silverware tray, I would try this. Haha! Of course, I have to wait a couple days for the truck bed liner I sprayed it with to harden, but it has been fun to fiddle with. If this silverware tray doesn’t work out at planned, I may check that out.

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Yee that was the thing…The problem is that many times it’s hard to find good looking shape, and even if you find one you need to paint it properly. But even if you paint it, the paint still peels of after hitting some rocks. In this case is super impact resistant.



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Yes. I don’t know how well it is going to work out, but I’m this far in, I have to stay the course and see where it takes me. Haha. I’ll post a picture or two when it’s done.

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Sooo, I had low expectations for using Stodja as an enclosure, at least for how I wanted to use it as an enclosure.

I tried to rough it up a little and applied spray-on cold truck bed liner to toughen it up as well. Of course, it is made out of polypropylene, so I can see it flaking off over the next day, which is honestly as long as I’m going to keep it on there.

I didn’t trust it to hold the weight of the battery, so I screwed down a strip of perforated steel to reinforce the deck and also used the strip to hold extra strength Velcro in place around the battery pack, holding it to the deck.

Tomorrow I will probably toss this and use my backup stodja as it is, and just melt the holes for the wiring from the battery to the VESC in the second small compartment (it’s basically VESC sized), and melt motor wire holes & power switch/power plug holes. The enclosure as it is with a 10s3p & bms, receiver and VESC all in the larger compartment is cramped IMO.

I will say that it was both fun and frustrating trying to get this enclosure to work as well as I imagined it. I really can’t wait until I get my REAL replacement enclosure in the mail. Also, I am much happier about how the grip tape turned out on this new deck.

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Yeah, at this time, I had to recommend AGAINST using a STODJA from Ikea as an enclosure,. I took the board exploring down a paved bike trail, which eventually turned into a partly paved/partly tightly packed gravel trail (as good as bad paved road) which quickly gave way to heavy thick gravel which I had no hope of traversing on the board. So I carried the board. About 45 minutes later I emerged on the other side of the ridge line, and realized I lost a screw. I continued on. By the time I got home, the enclosure snapped at one of the screw holes and I lost another screw.

Probably could be solved with some silicone, and maybe it was due mostly to all that damn vibration, but I am blaming that it is crap polypropylene. Lol. I will probably try to strap it down until I get a better enclosure.

Do you have any suggested techniques to do this? I don’t think a blow dryer gets hot enough, but I also don’t want to fork out for a heat gun

heat guns are like 14$ from harbor freight…

Ah.i forget about that place. I’ll check it out tomorrow.i don’t have a technique on doing this though lol

You can use a lighter