Baby Bright | 38.25" blank deck | SK3 149kv | FVT 120a | 6s


The pictures seem to be jumbled up but the one with the blue grip tape is the most recent. The mini cruiser was too unstable, so I had to change to a longer deck.

How is speed and torque?

It’s super torque-y, that’s why I couldn’t stay with the mini cruiser deck because the acceleration makes it do a small wheelie every time I slightly hit the throttle. There’s not a lot of hills where I’m at, but I did try riding on a gravel road and it did just fine from complete stop.

As for the speed, I’ve yet to go full throttle since I’m not used to skateboarding, and I just finished the more stable version of the board this afternoon. The calculated top speed on my 16t / 36t gearing with 97mm wheels is about 16mph. However, there’s definitely a lot of room under the deck, and you can easily change the motor pulley to 20t and increase the calculated top speed to 20mph.

How does the FVT break at speed?

I kinda don’t like how the FVT brakes because it’s very sudden (even at 50% breaking). I might reprogram the FVT to break at 40% power. I had to hop off a couple of times when I braked. The deceleration is not at all gentle.