Baby steps into Esk8 x Voxel Boards products and compatibility

Hey Y’all.

My name is Shawn! If you don’t know me, I’m the founder of a little solo-factory in Southern California.

I’m known 'round these parts as the best board maker in Ventura County. I earned my stripes back when I was 13, starting off with a street deck and refurbishing donated boards for a skateboard club I started at a local after school program. I’ve always had a knack for making things and to make a long story short, my proverbial childhood “lemonade stand” has inspired this business venture in my adult life.

Voxel Boards has been slowly but steadily growing over the last 5 years and while my accomplishments are more personal than economic, I am nonetheless proud of my work and only hope to improve my skills, service, and original designs in the future. I’ve got lots of ideas and maybe too much ambition and arrogance for my own good, but I hope to point that towards the innovation and technological developments I can deliver in a product to fellow skaters around the world.

As for my post this evening. I’m hoping to learn from the kind folks on this forum, and begin to service the broader esk8 community. I’ve had a number of kind strangers on this forum who have recommended some of my 3D printed footstops, and I would like to thank everyone who has checked out my website on a recommendation from someone you met here. I’m just a single board maker and designer, and marketing definitely isn’t my strong suit. Word of mouth is main way I’ve grown my brand, and I am happy to show gratitude and answer any questions that you might have about my work.

SO. To help kick things off, I am definitely interested in building my own esk8 setup in the near future. What’s hot and what’s not in the world right now?

I had a friend mention y’all might be interested in decks with a bit of a cavity for battery packs. Would a deck like my Gravos² be interesting to some people with an optional feature like that?


you don’t even need the cutout you can just get an enclosure buck made then share the files for it/sell it to people to start molding them.

it should ideally fit stagger offset 18650/21700 or like 28-30mm total space ish

I already offer 3d printing services so thats no stretch for me! The goal is to get a less intrusive battery pack, and a lighter weight setup. What say you?

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I just figure the cutout would add cost and make you have to sell two versions. I would like to see more innovative deck/enclosure combos on the market affordable and high end ones too.

I guess having a cutout version is not hard at all given it is just a change for the CNC finishing that already happens, would you need another fiberglass layer then or what?

Well, I actually make Downhill Decks primarily so my construction is already on the stiff side, and I can vary things depending on what I wanna achieve. I’ve built a little CNC I plan to continue working on it.

Seems like I’m geared up to do something new. I know the esk8 community hasn’t been embraced as much as they should have been by some of the more established manufacturers, but I’m willing to give a crack at it.

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  • Are these designed by you?
  • Are the STL files downloadable somewhere?
  • What material are you using to print these? (Guessing regular PLA?)
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Yes, these are designed by me.

No, my STL’s are not available, but the footstops are available for purchase on my website. I occasionally release some free designs on my Thingiverse account.

No, I use a High Temperature and Fiber reinforced Filament. is my website

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