Backfire AT with hub motors.... what do you think?

Hey Just found this

What do you think guys?

I think he says “like” a lot.

Dont know about the board. I didnt watch the whole video to be honest, I find the guy annoying. Was the some offroad footage? Im sceptical of offroad+hubs.

If you watch his videos, you’ll notice that majority of his boards are something we look down upon on this forum. He likes most of them for various reasons He rides different boards constantly which means no board actually ever gets a real durability test.

He did mention that it’s not true offroad because of the heavy hub motors. I would just label this board as a hub motor with large wheels which is not a bad thing, but do not think this is a pneumatic or emtb type of ride, more of a 107mm/110mm just isn’t big enough solution.

30lb is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too heavy.

Well let’s put this guy and his testing aside. For me its interesting to see AT (kind of) hubs that does not look terrible.

This one has 106mm

It’s definitely not an eMTB, but for those who live in roughly paved cities and want to go on the occasional park ride - it’s probably just right.

Edit: Found this as well.

Not a mountain board for sure but for rough streets looks promising. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not thinking that this is a miracle board but I’m just curious is this form factor a something that we’ll have in future more often.

Another one here: the price is suspected to be around 700-1k.