Backfire G2 Upgrade kit (ESC and remote) [EU/DK] SOLD

Just sold my G2 with some mods on it to a friend of mine and he didn’t want the ESC so I have the new G2S esc left over, its totally plug and play with the backfire no modding needed like the ownboard / wowgo ones.

Its never used never mounted, I’m located in Denmark EU.

Asking 68 Euro for it also works with other motors.


Can you maybe give us more information about it? Is it a dual esc? how much S? Does it still have the remote? and is it capable for belt motors?

Its an upgrade ESC for the Backfire board.

And it comes with the remote, its made for 10s battery packs and lower and is for hub motors.

And yes its for dual hub motors.

Do you still have the kit and can you ship to the US?

Sadly sold.

I know it’s sold, but did you buy the G2s ESC b/c the G2 esc had issues? My G2 remote keeps freezing on me, super annoyed I have to take it apart every few rides.