Backfire G2T... is it good?

The new Backfire board: backfire g2t, has a new custom remote and i think uses hobby wing esc. I have a couple questions like:

will the vibration issues be fixed? will the torque be better?

and so on. if anyone has seen what it has done, pls tell. i wanna get my brother a board and idk if he’ll use it enough for me to make him a top of the line one, but i just wanna cruise with him.

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Has anyone got this board yet, like youtubers?

Usually takes a few months for YouTubers to get their hands on it.

I would not get a hub motor board when things like Metroboard and Arcboards exist. Also boards come up for sale on this forum a lot.

If you buy a cheap hub motor board, it means you’re going to have to fix a broken hub motor board, and that means you will have to replace everything, because you can’t use the trucks, can’t use the wheels, can’t use the motors, can’t use anything at all once something breaks. Which will happen.

Cheap china hub motor boards excel at being cheap, but that’s the only thing they excel at.


I have had two G2 and One G2s and for the price the G2 was really nice for a begginer board with ok spec. The G2s was a major dissapointment! Good Esc and super quiet but the battery is totall crap, I had better range on the G2 and the advertised speed is for the first 0,5km then it drops significantly.

The vibration issue was never fixed from G2 to G2s but it comes from the urethane having a bad fit on most batches. If you get a good batch you will have about 1mm of space between urethane and hubs, they have a dirty fix for it, apply some greese. I works for maybe two rides then it’s back and you are most probably gonna spray your shoes Whit it when riding.

Hope this one is better. They have at least made a lot of improvements continuously even if it is the same board. Both my G2 and my friends had different parts that had been upgraded between batches.

Also good to know is that their customer service used to be a little disorganized but always got good help but that has changed. Now it is beyond terrible if you have any problems with your board! The stall and try to avoid fixing boards that are not up to the spec.

Both me and my friend had serious issues when we got our G2s boards. I ended up selling it discounted in the end because I got so feed up with them for not fixing it. (Got a small refund from them in the end but not near the lost cost)

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@b264 ik all of that. My brother is 15 and he has something called osgood-schlatter disease. its where he has a bone growth in his knee from repetitive jumping, i have the same thing. we got it from over-playing basketball and now his is pretty bad. thats the point of getting him a board. he goes to his friends house to be driven to cal-train, and i think this would be a good for him since my parents have to drive me to the bus and him to our family friends.

@M77 i think the battery was better for the G2, but someone had an accident on it and they cut down on the battery for the G2S to avoid another lawsuit or something. idk tho, the G2s lacks acceleration, but i think it slightly makes up for it in the flexy deck. they claim to have solved the vibration issues, but :lying_face: i doubt it. another issue is the battery life, but my brother only needs to go .5 - .75 miles there, so one mile - 1.5 miles in total so that doesn’t worry me.

So why not this for $755

Or this

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wait its 755!? did not know that, thought it was 1000 something! arc board is something i was looking into, but it wasn’t flexy and osgood-schlatter would hurt from constant vibration, so i think flexy is better.

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You can send them any deck and they will build the board on your deck. That $755 metroboard would be waaaaay better than any china hub motor board.

Or you could get him a DIY from here, there are ones that come up for a sale a lot

wait rly? u can send them a deck and they build u a board?

For $755 and a deck, yes

damn, but if i was gonna pay 755, i would make a diy single motor.


I think you’ve figured out the best option then :rofl:


Thats a bitch. Had it most of my life and it sucks. One thing worth mentioning (although I would think that the us medical system is far more informed than the uk national health service in the 80s) is that that syndrome makes the whole knee joint weak and I have suffered from dislocations since day dot. Saying that I ride urethane on hard non flexy decks and the vibrations don’t really have too much effect.

research shows it usually stops or is less painful after you stop growing. ik, its a b*tch.

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@tardyparty7 Here is your answer right here


@b264 just posted a link to the board I’m selling. Might be a good board for your brother. Not flexible, but the Abec 11 wheels dampen vibration quite well. I’m in the Los Angeles area.

Would you say that boards with this type of build show up for this price range often?

Absolutely not. That cost way more to make than $350

Hmm a bit late but chinese hub board these days from the top 4 companies have very good reliability. If someone really wants to go 25MPH for 10 Miles on a longboard, its pretty much impossible to beat the value of them DIYing without getting Lipos or owning the equipment to build your own battery already.

You need to know when to reccomend prebuilt vs diy, its usually at about: 600$ Budget for a shortboard or cruiser in the US 800$ For similar in the EU

Otherwise you kind of have to get parts which are restrictive to upgrading or also shitty chinese.