Backfire ranger

I dont see any specs listed anywhere and don’t have much knowledge of the backfire brand other than the fairly typical budget board reviews and complaints. I thought I’d share because I think the all terrain hub/direct drive is interesting. It kinda just looks like hoverboard wheels. Anybody have more information about this board?


Oh very interesting, If the price is right, I might go for it. I was waiting for the all terrain hub for long time. although, the tire is too thin. I guess we have to wait until launch date

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Agreed shame they didn’t design with standard 6.5-8cm nummies

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DO I see double kingpins?

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Does look like DKP . Hopefully for them they use a higher quality esc this go around. Their 2nd gen dual esc was crap, it would heat up and pins would separate

Agreed. The only other all terrain hub I’ve seen that’s a bigger tire is on this board.

I can’t find any info on it either, I’m sure it’s on alibaba somewhere but I haven’t found it.

2000w for that siz3 lol

As powerful as two Microwaves BEAST :joy:

Not expecting a ton more out of the backfire but I’m hopeful to see more a/t hubs coming down the pipe.

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Does anyone know where i can buy those hubs, I’d love to build one like this !

i wouldn’t mock it tooooo hard. We have a belt driven 4WD on 10" tires with similar trucks on a Tronix type board with 4 800 watt brushed inrunners. IT will climb a tree, stairs, and launch up a damned grassy knoll out of a dirt pit.

If these motors are sufficiently low enough KV, then upping the voltage would probably get you the same kind of performance we’re getting out of our older belted variant.


Maybe not true AT, but definitely good for the crappy asphalt and embedded light rail tracks that we encounter around the city.

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Would be awesome if we could swap to street wheels too like a evolve they are really missing a massive sales opportunity not offering that

That ranger is looking sweet to me

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Also with hub, there is barely any drag when you let go off the accelerator. however, that was on 80-90 mm wheels and not all terrain. I am just assuming that the same physics apply more or less.

The wheels on this bad boi is a bit soft so theres a little drag when you let go.

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