Bad review for melonboard

Hey all. Has anyone ever dealt with the company melonboard and not received goods or replies or realized they don’t have a working phone after making a purchase of parts? I needed trucks as mine snapped off a curb purchased them 2 weeks ago with a 3 to 5 day shipping wait and only received an invoice. They would talk to me and reply before I made the purchase, but now ever since I did, I haven’t gotten any tracking info or replies from them. I’m not very happy as I’ve already waited a month just to find the right part for my falcon board and they said their trucks were compatible. Is there any other phone number for them thanow is on the site? I’m really concerned I just got screwed out of 45 dollars.

I don’t think any people on this forum have ever bought anything from melonboards.

@lox897 is right we can’t help you with that…

BBUUUTTT file a bank claim :slight_smile:

Contact them on Instagram.