Bad signal because RX is too close to ESC or VESC?

Salutations riders!

I was just wondering if there was a reason not to put the reciever next to the VESC or ESC. Could there be any interference coming from an ESC or VESC that could lead the RX to fail? I´m just wondering because I´m thinking about putting my RX and VESC in a shared enclosure. Right now the RX and VESC are about 20cm apart from each other. Signal loss was not an issue so far.

So will my signal get worse when I put the RX closer to the VESC or is this not a problem? Whats the max distance that ensures a good signal connection ?


I’ve had my receiver situated between my battery and vescs for ages with no signal loss at all and recently relocated the vescs and receiver to a separate enclosure and no issues so far. There have been reports of signal loss when the receiver has been located beside the phase wires to the motors so I should think you’ll be ok. A lot does depend on the type and quality of your rx though. I use a maytech and a nano tx and rx and as I said no issues so far with my locations and the maytech is in a carbon deck. Chinese esc’s often have the receiver built in to them with a small antenna wire to the inside edge of the enclosure and this seems to work fine too. Whenever I change my set up I will employ a test procedure whereby I will locate the board somewhere safe and test signal strength by walking away. Make sure the board can not fly off on its own though ( I tether it to a post) Then if good I will run on the flat at walking pace to thoroughly test it before flying around like a lunatic. With all the different set ups it really is a try it and see scenario but just be careful at first to avoid any accidents. Do avoid locating it too close to the motor wires though as this can definitely affect reception.

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I mounted my receiver right between my Vescs and had no problems at all but then I am using the RC mini. it’s receiver has a long wire antenna and it has very good range.


I had only once problems with the RX when it was placed inside a metal enclosure close to the metal.

On my MTB I have a steez receiver with no antenna directly placed on the vesc, phase- sensor- and powercables :rofl: with zero problems inside ABS enclosure :sunglasses:



thanks guys,

i’m using a mini remote and it has been reliable so far.

the reason why im asking is because i was thinking about rearranging some components to make things more clean and compact.

i’ll make sure to stay away from those phase wires.

whoa! you placed your RX that close to the phase wires?!?

my plan was to put the RX in the same enclosure with the VESC and make it at least splash proof.

I guess if the RX is placed near the battery wires it should be fine since you seemed to not have problems with your RX.

now its time for me to think things through…consider this thread solved.

thanks guys

Yeah I was worried about that, too but no problem at all at least in my case.

I had connection problems the first weeks until I found out that they aren’t connection problems :laughing:

Info for steez remote users: The steez remote has cruise control when you push down the thumb throttle at speed. If you push it down at 0% throttle (unintended) the remote enters pairing mode and you loose any control. That happened and happens on every ride and is very dangerous. But since I know that pushing the throttle down again leaves the binding process it’s just a matter of 1 second and it’s only scary instead of extremely terrifying.

I had an issue with this once, GT2B remote, the PPM wire from the vesc to the receiver wrapped over the phase wires. When I went up a steep hill it would cut out. After I moved it, it was fine.

Now I also try to keep the end of receiver antenna as far from the vesc’s and other blocking items as is practical. Just for extra assurance I have the best signal.