Bad Speed wobbles at 40km/h+

Hey guys, recently upgraded to a dual 6374 motor setup and wanted some help as when I get toward the end of my throttle, it feels like one motor spins faster than the other even though the Kv 170 for both. When this happens I get deadly speed wobbles!

should I set a max erpm and see if that helps?

just need to see if anyone has expirenced this, I want to fix this before i end up in a wheelchair

running canbus or split ppm? Try checking your logs after a ride

canbus, should i run canbus and split ppm at the same time?

also @mynamesmatt do i just look for faults? wdym by logs?

No. It is recommended to use canbus for additional features like traction control (which prevents the wheels to spin faster than the other)


You could check both motors kv. connect the pc to one vesc and enter in the terminal command “kv”. connect to the other vesc and repeat the step to compare the value

It’s unlikely that 1 motor is spinning faster than the other, possible but unlikely. I would look at your bushing srtuo first. Go look the Riptide/@Alphamail, he has dozens of recommended setups.


great idea ill give it a go

yeah my trucks are getting old ill get new bushings etc.

What trucks are you using, how much so you weigh and how wide is your stance at speed?

Also, if you trun your front foot almost straight and angle your back foot in you can reduce wobbles.


ive been riding evolve for years, the board that im having the issue on is a pimped evolve gen 2 so i have kept the evolve trucks and everything, just running dual 6374 and focbox with 10s4p vtc6 (120a) its a beast.

Its not to do with my stance i dont think i was riding 45kmph comfortably with single drive so its weird

Pretty sure the problem is here.


Without a doubt this :point_up_2: Upgrade your bushings and pivot cups to a harder duro and see. Riptides are your best bet but evolve do sell a full set of differing duro bushings too.


hopefully the issue is as simple as that. ill get right to upgrading those

You will not believe how much a proper set up will help with speed issues. It certainly is not the motors spinning up differently. When you accelerate on an esk8 the trucks walk if the bushings are bad.

Ok, 2 things.

  1. Evolve trucks are much more prone to in ones because if the double kingpin.

  2. Wobbles are caused by vibrations from outside forces (outside of the truck). The addition of another motor is creating a combination of vibrations that start the wobbles at a certain speed.

A bushing upgrade will keep the vibrations isolated to a degree, but this trucks will always be prone to wibbles.


Personally speaking I would not ride dkp’s over 45ks period. Scary stuff. :grimacing: just not sure those old gen 2’s are dkp.


I feel ya. I like the carve of DKPs but not the lack of stability at speed. SR TKPs are at least as carvy and much more stable at speed. The bushing seat replaces the 2nd kingpin, does a much better job.

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@dareno @mmaner yeah okay definatly will try, just was a little confused before because the dual kingpins have always been fine at high speeds for me.

Lose the double kingpin trucks. They aren’t as good or stable as you think they are.


You better do as @psychotiller said or he might personally come over there and get rid of them for ya.

Also he is right about the Kingpins get rid of them and get some Surfrodz or even Calibers.

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