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Bad Wolf enclosure alternative?

I have heard how good “Bad Wolf enclosure” is here and there so I asked my friend to print one out for me. He has Ultimaker2. It is suppose to be descent quality I believe.

Today, I received one.Yeah! Right?the modding wasn’t bad at all but the print itself is just too thin and flimsy.The end of testing outside,it got cracked on one side I might have squeegeed it little too hard. I know it’s free and available for everyone which is really cool,but I just wish it’s little better quality to hold on.

Enough whining.

Here are my questions.

  1. Is this one the latest version(BadWolf GT2B Case mod v2)that everyone is happy with? I am just curious if I have grabbed the latest and the greatest.

  2. Is there any way I can print this thicker and stronger? I believe It was ABS for my print.

  3. Is getting the print from Shapeways the way to go? if it is,what options should I choose to order one?

  4. Is there any other alternative cases that I can use or print for GT2B?


Well you could try to fuck up the printers setting so it will over extrude giving you thicker walls, but there is risk of clogging nozzle. I have been fantasizing desing of my own but no inspiration to actually draw it with tinkercad which is web 3d modeling sofware for retards i think.

Same problem here.
The walls were too thin for me.

Here is an alternative from a friend.
The wall are much thicker.

WARNING : It is for the GT2E

The problem is the material it was printed with is not flexible and very brittle.Drop $40 at shapeways and get a better quality print. It will still be a little delicate compared to an injection molded abs housing but better than a bedroom print.

Just wondering what kind of materials Shapeways is offering other than ABS and PLA. 1mm wall is too thin even with an injection molded plastic.

Hope badwolf sees this post and release the thicker version.

Shapeways offers a crazy amount of materials. They even print using various metals.

Sorry, I just noticed the link to the alternative enclosure was missing.
The walls are much thicker.
Here it is

Warning : it is for a GT2E , not a GT2B.

I have printed one of these for the GT2E. Much stronger. Although I have yet to use it.

No problem. Looks great! Not sure if gt2b fits in there.

I am currently trying to modify the wall thickness on the gt2b controller . Will let u know how it turns out, it’s giving me some trouble tho… stay tuned

Be careful using this enclosure. It looks like it may be mistaken for a gun. Perhaps printing it in a different color other than black would be a wise choice.

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@JLabs That’s great! I didn’t know it can be modified.
@claudiofiore88 That’s a good point. That does look like a hand gun.

I own both.
The second does not look like a gun more than the first …

I printed mine in pla. Plenty strong enough. Be aware that is doesn’t have much structural strength until you fit the electrics and screw the halves together. Then it’s plenty strong enough. I also printed one for a friend.

You could increase the thickness by working on the stl file. It is not something you can do by altering print settings.

@claudiofiore88 I feel the same way about my Badwolf mod. Printed in matte black it looks too much like a handgun.

not like “an handgun”. Printed in red :wink:

Found this on eBay:

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Nice find @mccloed I hadn’t seen that one before! Who is this rogue designer adn why isn’t he here w us on the forum? :slight_smile:

Not sure. I already looked on thingiverse and could not find this design. :disappointed:

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@mccloed I bought one so I’ll ask the seller and report back.

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