BAESK8 Presents: The First Annual Cannonball Race

BAESK8 Presents: The First Annual Cannonball Race


Hey y’all, so BAEsk8 is hosting a rally style race across San Francisco. It’s for DIY electric skateboards, production electric skateboards, electric scooters, and electric unicycles. There are actually two days of racing, first day is standard race for people who wanna go in a straight line really fast, and second day is for the actual rally.

The standard race is on a confined section of road. Each class will race their race and we’ll take the winners at the finish line. This is basically the “safer” race for people who don’t feel comfortable on open roads.

The cannonball race has got two major components: route finding and ride skill. Basically, the first day you go path finding for what you think will be the fastest way across San Francisco. Then on race day, following all traffic laws to the best of your ability and staying safe, you run that route the fastest you can. We will take your start and end times as you cross the start and finish lines. Keep in mind San Francisco is not your average city. Crazy hills, crazy traffic, crazy streets. It may be only 7.5 miles across but it’ll test you to the best of its ability so you better be ready!

Prizes will be awarded to the winners of all classes for both races so don’t feel like you need to do both. But personally if I had to do one I’d do the cannonball run :wink:

  • Where: San Francisco, California
  • September 6th-8th
  • For production & DIY electric skateboards, electric scooters, and electric unicycles (class based race)
  • Hosted by Bay Area ESK8, Sponsored by Hoyt St, Shredlights, Last Mile SF, Minimotors USA, Weped USA, Evolve Skateboards
  • Free: sign up and register here:

I’m hereby challenging @Psychotiller, @longhairedboy, @MoeStooge, et al to test your chops in this race :smiley: Feel free to tag people y’all think should also race and see you out there!


This was such a blast! Will the times be posted here?

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We will send out an email with all the times :+1:

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Any photos or videos from the event??

Lazyrollers instagram story has a lot of video

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I think I found some here. Insane :smile:


Here’s the link containing Cannonball race times. For reference it takes 35 minutes average to drive across SF:



Here’s the drag race placings

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do bioboards count as production boards? XD

That crash was epic - “DUUDEE, MY MANNN!!” :rofl::rofl:

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No they went into the DIY category

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