Bajaboard OVERHAUL | Dual 12S -5P Sanyo 20700b | 2 x 60Amp bms | NEW CHASSIS

Hi everyone

It’s been a minute since I posted a build, so here we GO.

My friend has a BajaBoard and wanted to upgrade it, the board has a lot of power but the delivery of this power it is just untamable so he decide to give to me to bring it into the family :smiling_imp:

Here is the BEAST





This Board was discussed back in a post Here

The first major problem is the Battery, since he had already spot welded a 12S-10P Sanyo 20700B battery and that is a HUGE!!! Pack, also super stiff and not safe, it was made in the conventional method. Check the review on Cells by Mooch


I opted for a more manageable configuration Dual 12S-5P running as parallel Packs. this is 120 Cells :scream: and there is no way I don’t take extra measures to make this baby monster as safe as it can be. It is an 1800 Watts/hr :exploding_head:

First step taking apart the BIG pack :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: after a few hours. image


Now the only way to be safe, is to put a fuse on each Cell, so after another few hours :flushed:



For the packs I use heavy duty hot glue and strips of 3M structural glazing tape to keep the packs bonded to each other next just wrap around with good old Gorilla tape :wink: for structural stability.



Once the battery is out of the way, I was free to focus on the other major issue on this model of the Bajaboard, The CHASSIS :grimacing:


I don’t know why this chassis is lacking any resemblance of rigidity whatsoever.

There is no way I’m putting those huge packs in that twisted thing. It has to GO!!!

New chasis :grin::heart_eyes::sunglasses:


Measured the Original “chassis” and went with a thicker aluminum gauge, after bending it to proper shape, it came out GREAT !!!


Now with a more structurally sound foundation, I feel much better to put that 1800 Watts/hr pack :innocent:

RIGID :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: image

The mounting holes for the rivets are a pain to properly align but after some measuring is all good.





Check this out Looking better Already :slight_smile:


A quick test fit of the batteries


And the BEAST is getting its personality back …


Next Will be to equipped it with new brains :panda_face::panda_face::panda_face: We are using the SKYfly VESC6.4 since this are waterproof :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: Also a great price and good way to test this bad boys.

I’ll continue in the next few days since this is my progress so far.


A monster that will get more monstrous

How’s the reduction on these boards? I just an internal belt?

I have not taken a look yet, I’ll post a detail of the drive train and suspension system once I get to it.


I see you are using smaller width nickel stipa as fuses. At what current will they melt? Did you do calculations for your setup and choose the fuses after that?

The fuses will fail at 30 Amps after 5-8 seconds Perfect for this application, since is a worse case scenario prevention solution.

Cells after test image Only shrink wrap burned, isolator still intact.

Need to make sure your pack is structurally braced without using the nickel strips for that purpose.


VERY cool build!

its giving me ideas what to do with my bajaboard, I think I would have had to shorten it just a little :wink:

@Kaly Beautiful build as always bro!!!

I wish i could get my hands on a gutted baja board for cheap.


That seems like a good amount for the fuse. Do you have any measurements on heat on high discharge, 10-20A? How thick and wide are the nickel strips for this? (I assume you are using pure nickel strips)

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i have a few extra chassis if interested


There will be an update on this coming up soon but I have decided to go with the alloy wheels for this to eliminate any unnecessary movement between the original plastic wheels. Im also thinking upgrading Into their new shocks system , its more durable and it can be lock down for stiffness… Lastly maybe creating different plate and putting in 200 KV motors, there is plenty of torque but while Ernesto is 200 lbs I’m 250. Also new sets of lights and LEDs will be put in. Dual 4000 lumens bike lights for riding off road :panda_face::metal:


I would like to see some more Information about the battery Pack. How did you connect the series rows?

you still got this Bajaboard chassis?

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I asked already - all sold :frowning:

Print this jpg for the measurements

take it to a sheet metal shop, use 1/8 thick aluminum sheet the price it cost me around $60.00 each to get made




Legend mate! Thanks :+1::+1:

So what is the end result performance specs…top speed, range etc?

@Nanorider can give the details Since is his kraken:-)

So i stay off this topic because it was more painful than anything to have a board that is such a beast and yet… kinda sad to own

let me describe the differences where I started and where I ended So I got the Bajaboard from Joseph who bought it like 4 months before me from someone in NYC… the cost was about 2700 for 2016 board that was sitting somewhere for about a year… I told Joseph if he is going to sell to keep me posted because I like to be the first in line, since I talk to Bajaboard back in 2015 or so about special version then in 2016 and 2017 but never pulled the plug on buying one directly from them due to half year wait time… I always thought this board is right for me and while Joseph and he is like 160 lbs very fit he knew there was one problem. The 8s Battery in the Baja was done for for… I told Joseph about Kevin Dark, Damon and Ernesto in case these guys wanted to make him a battery. He contacted Kevin and paid him for a battery I calculated he could easily fit 10s8p in of 20700b and that was the plan but Kevin took his sweet time and after nearly 2 months of nothing happening,

Joseph told me he requested money back. Even before all of this he asked me if I would make battery for him but I told him I don’t make batteries every day hence I don’t want the responsibilities… I build batteries since 2017 but doing it for someone when you know it might bite you in the ass so I said no… I told Joseph to go to NYC and meet up with us and talk to Ernesto to have a look at it. One and probably bigger reason was me trying to convince Joseph get a @Kaly board with extended battery so he can keep riding with me. (Didn’t know back then he was stationed in Virginia for very short period of time and moved back to Seattle in July) So we made plans and met up in Bronx at the shop Kaly to look at the board and also try one of the Kaly’s it didn’t take a while and he decided on Carver 2 in 1 with extra battery that Ernesto made for him So while still having his Bajaboard and waiting for his Kaly board I was almost certain he will not let it go as he was posting videos of him riding on trails and beaches… but kept saying I can’t pass 10 miles on it etc… then He brought it back to NYC and we went for another ride and I tried it… on full power in Central park, original ESC, original remote the board was pure maddens… I didn’t have problem handling the power of it but I go cut out after about 300 yards while climbing minor hill… the battery so Month after this Joseph now with his board called me and ask me if I still want the Baja and I said yes… he said he will let it go for same price and include some extra tires for burnout and I told him I give him 200 more for him to drive up and meet in NYC for a ride… that was me appreciating his gesture… (he got into accident because he felt a sleep while driving up, damaged his car a bit) he hit a van that was some undocumented driver and he felt really bad so he was not reporting anything as there was no damage to the van and dind’t want to ruin the life of the guy driving the van… we met, I got the board and we went for a ride. On our Kaly’s…

Two days after I rode the Baja for first time since I bought from him and while tried to turn as I expected normal skateboard… the board wouldn’t act like that and I felt… felt on the remote and broke it… it would still work but I had no display… so called Baja and got new remote, new battery and new spare LCD screen then i Sat down and realized that there is something big that has to change … I need to put new cells in but I need to put a lot of cells to be able to haul around 250 LBS fat Panda… so I ordered 100 cells of 20700B from my source and waited for them to come … since the baja is 8s I needed 10s BMS … so I bought 2 huge 10s BMS each for 150AMPS… so huge that they couldn’t possibly fit in… then the process started… I made one solid 10s10p pack of 20700b cells, pure 42AMH of blasting energy… took the old battery out, put in it… put the BMS in and turned it on… They are using 4 10 AWG cables 2- and 2+ running from the huge pack they had in so I did the same thing… but plugged only one pair… turn the board on… got blue blue light on it’s ECU (yes it has ECU) that is connected via relay to battery and power and 4 Kelly ESC’s and it clicked and then I went to turn the remote on and then it clicked again and the ECU was fried… I called Baja and they said the possibly all 4 of the wires have to be connected but since I was not aware of that… supposedly this was the cause… so now came the question what to do… wait for another ECU and trying to squeeze this giant pack into the frame or take all out and put my own Stewii’s in and and redo it…

Since I’m not the most handy man… and sort of not too detail oriented when working with hands… I decided to dump this onto Ernesto but before I ordered extra cells, made 12s10p out of it in one piece and was ready to put in but noticed there is no room… there is also major flex of the think chassis they are using because I removed 2 of the brackets that fit the smaller original battery but also work as support beams… basically this battery was a ticking time bomb so I hit the road and dump all this on Ernesto… told him to take time and he told me he has FVESC 6.6 4 of them which was too big for his application. the good thing on those is they are in waterproof housing and hence can be mounted outside… Ernesto agreed that the chassis is too thin and too flexi and hit up his contact and made the chassis for me, put the bajaboard together with 4 Flipsky 6.6 and remade my pack from one 12s10p into 2x12s5p using 2x 60 A BMS… 2 months in or so and the board was ready to leave the shop… or was it… so I got the board back… noticed one wheel had flat tire… so I fixed that… that same night I came from NYC i rode and nearly face landed on concrete because the plastic wheel spun out of the axle… the wheel and axles move together and the plastic was not able to withstand my weight or the torque… I traveled about 60 yards from my car since this happened… so called Baja again ordered new wheels Alloy but it took them about 3 months to make it so they send me also plastic wheels 4 of them… I put them on and during first 3 ride all 4 wheels were gone… then Baja sent me some extra 4 wheels free of charge …I tried to adjust the arms and toes and camber so it won’t damage the wheels but again 2 of the wheels wore off… they use tiny one inch or so pentagon that is moving 10 inch wheel which is too much force centered on one spot… the plastic gets deformed and then totally melts while the axle and pentagon spin creating heat to the point the wheel completely falls of the axles… … after I got the alloy wheels I also got new shocks, new arms, new axles, new bearings… … cost… I can’t even describe… if I wouldn’t be so driven in the believe that this board was something I believed in to be the coolest shit… yeah for about half a mile before another things break… too many moving parts, I’m clearly too heavy for it… I took it of road and broke the frame, part made of soft Aluminum… I fixed that but I won’t take it off roading again…not till I lose at least 50 LBS…

if and only if you are thinking of spending money on this board and it’s your dream and you really want it, buy it because you would regret that you didn’t but when you buy it and you own it … you will also regret buying it! If you could have access to free parts for life it’s fun board but if you truly take it off road, it will slowly fall apart… if I say I could buy 2 brand new Kaly’s for what I paid for this… I wouldn’t be lying… then there is the photo of the go card wheels you can put on it… more parts needed and extra 1000 but that image you riding on the beach in the sunset on your baja… for about 20 yards before it breaks… Thanks for reading… Archee - Esk8riders


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Please, I’m saying this for your own benefit: Grammar helps. [I genuinely mean that and am not trying to be offensive]


Thank you for doing that, still didn’t read :grinning: