Bajaboard. Place in the queue for sale sold

Hey guys and gals. I have a place in the queue for a new bajaboard and no longer wish to complete the purchase due to change in circumstances. Spent too much on other builds and I’m skint :neutral_face: The deposit has been paid at $279 aus and apparently according to George the board should be ready at the end of November when the remaining $2500 aus is due. This gets you a G4 2wd version with no extras. The board can be upgraded to whatever spec you want right now on their site and finalised and if anyone is interested then I’d have to let Baja know its been transferred. Just looking for my deposit back and be aware that if you fail to complete the purchase, baja will not refund the money so make sure that you really want it before deciding. It would be a shame for the deal to go to waste though. Its a beast of a thing for a good price.


Hey Daren…what are they like on a road surface…I think I’m too old for off road and any more damage…lol

I just watched the 5 km time trial…amazing…that was sensational.

What a monster perfect for those forest trails…or a keg run…


@dareno how is it going? Somebody took over the place in the queue?

Still available?

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no mate and tbh I have heard nothing from baja for ages. Complete black out with communication from them


Just out of interest - did they give you a delivery date?

I had to pester them a little for ‘delay updates’ in 2014

no date as of yet but the original delivery was september

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No updates, delivery or payment details yet?

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Nope nada.

They sent me a link beginning of last month to finalise design but then zip. It was more of a plaything site tbh to keep the interest up. Get on there with some pretty 360 degree images you can customise with lights etc.


Has your board sold yet?

Is the board available