Bajaboard S2 RIDERS chat the good/bad/dangerous/problems

Hello Esk8rs. I wanted to begin a thread on bajaboards newest board the S2.

My board has: Dual ESC 110A 2x 6374 motors 10S7P (1071Wh) battery 8" and 10" wheels 210x60mm coils Lights option Bashguard kit

I will be posting my good bad dangerous and problems so far soon. Wanting to hear others experience with their S2 board.

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Definitely interested in this new model. but no one is really around this forum these days…go to the esk8 news forum where the active people are (google it)


Hi there I got an s2 it is piss weak the metal is cheese the top has bent the boars came with vent shock they don’t reply well they might after 6 months I had a g4x that was awesome except for the remote dropping out this doesn’t do that and the power is OK no way it does what they say the range is about 40km not 60 I will probably keep it but I will be milli g my own billet alloy parts and may r making a carbon top part this board could be sock but they are cheap and don’t care at all about quality at all they said send it back but it will be a year before they send it back also I sent g4x back and they lied about shit they are very good with their customers at all and the Co cept is good their ability to build quality isn’t their it is China and bit good china shit cheap China the shocks are super shit and the part the wheels are shit cheap cast shit and the 10 inch wheels I am waiti g for still been 9 months anyway just my experience I want to build this 5hi g up I have nodded the dampers and I will get some after market shocks and yeah then the fabricating will start all the lower arms need billet alloy and the top will be carbon maybe either way they don’t care at all about their customers experience at all good luck I also have a trampa and that overheats but they are cool and will respond to you and we are trying to getti the bottom of it but baja may e the pantera is the go that has billet parts and yeah

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I will add and try to spell better overall this board could be good but it need to have extensive modifying all the structural components are lacking the strength to support what it is intended for under engineering badly and they don’t reply at all it is disappointing since they are. Australian but it is so China the quality for the money not worth it and I would only want the pantera now as this can not be jumped no way and if I put footstraps on it it will bend and buckle the structure for sure 100percemt but it is what it is and I will build it up maybe i will post after I do

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