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Balance charger recommendations?

Hi, I just finished building my first electric penny board build, which uses 2x 5000mAh 2S 20C zippy flightmax batteries in series.

However, I don’t have a balance charger and am getting more and more worried as I know that it’s bad for batteries to be completely depleted. I’ve only done bench tests and one or two test rides so the battery levels should still be relatively healthy, but I should order a charger ASAP.

Specifically, these are the batteries that I have

I’m looking for a charger that is:

  1. Safe, noob-friendly, stops charging near 90% capacity
  2. Will work with the batteries that I have without additional leads, plugs, adapters etc. if possible
  3. Can charge more than one battery at once, if possible otherwise I guess I can always buy 2 if it’s affordable
  4. Plugs into a UK/Singapore style 3-pin wall socket

I’ve tried talking to hobbyking live chat support but their product specialists quit recently so no luck there.

Please advise, thanks

Many people here uses Imax B6 / Turnigy Accuceil both from Hobby King.

Thanks for replying so quickly, @laurnts

This one?

And I’ll need a power supply for it right? Like this?

You can get the iMax B6 in AC version so you don’t need a separate power supply:
Imax B6AC

The batteries you linked have 4mm bullet connector charge leads, as far as I’m aware none of the linked chargers come with those so you’ll need to get the right charge lead, like this one.

Bear in mind that you’ll need to charge your packs in parallel or in series if you wish to charge them simultaneously with only one charger. In that case you’ll need to make a series/parallel charging harness.

The batteries I linked used JST-XH balance plugs, they just can’t be seen from the picture. I would use those to charge the batteries right? Thanks

Are you sure ?
JST-XH are balance plugs.
You use the fat wires to charge and the JST-XH to balance while charging.

No, I am absolutely not sure haha.

So I would have to plug both in? Perhaps things will get more intuitive for me when everything arrives.

I don’t know what I’m doing but I don’t want to make mistakes with charging as they could be potentially dangerous.

Anyway thanks so much for the recommendations! I bought the imax b6ac you linked and the banana plug charge leads and a safety charge box

Can anyone help me find a good 10s charger? the Icharger is fine ive heard

but what about a good power supply for it?
Found this but there has to be a cheaper option
thanks in advance

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