Balancing bolt on pulley

First time I’ve used a bolt on pulley and it’s vibrating quite a bit on the bench,it’s as balanced as I can get it to be. Will the vibrations of the belt stop when there is load on the board? Thanks

lots of weirdness goes away when there’s a load on the board. bench testing is not really productive in most cases as most of the electronics and most of the hardware is meant to be used under load. That being said, why don’t you post a video of the pulley in motion so we can get a better idea of what the issue is.

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Makes sense that bench testing does not do much, i was mainly spinning it up to test make sure nothing was wrong visually. Here’s a video of it

The pulley does not appear to be out of balance from what I saw.

On left side you maybe need to move the motor pulley out about 2mm, it looks like the belt is rubbing on the wheel. You might want to increase the belt tightness as well. I typically set belts so that I can push the belt down, at the center of travel in the open area, 1/4in without much pressure.

It’s hard to tell with a short clip, just my general impressions.

I got the pulley to be as centered as possible on the wheel, the belt shifts abit every time I add a speed ring to move the wheel inwards or outwards so I’ve given up on that but there’s a vibration in the belt when throttling and a sound accompanying it but the mic doesn’t seem to pick up that frequency.

The sound is like when your wooden chair is vibrating against the floor

Belts are as loose as I can get without it slipping

Try moving the pulley out a little so the belt isn’t traveling laterally on rotation.

I’ve tried it but didn’t work, belt is vibrating up and down like a guitar string not left and right

have you increased the tension? is the belt and bothe pulleys HTD5m?

Yeah they’re 5m pulleys and I’ve messed around with the tension. I think this will go away with load on the board though, have to try and ride it to know