Bamboo Dual 6374 for sale

Hello I am jumping on the ban wagon and selling my current build because am allready in the process of making another one need the money. I will be selling this build for cheap it was my first build and alot of versions of it over the months of owning it. The parts are TB esc -145$ X 2 -290$ Bamboo loaded flex 2 -240$ Dual 6374- 240$ TB 218mm trucks -50$ Genuine abec wheels 97mm 75a - 80$ (from Chaka) The remote is gt2b with madmonkey mod -50$ TB single bolt on motor mount w/drive wheel kit -106$ X 2 -212$ Batteries - 2 6s turnigy nano -tech 4500mah 25-50c lipo -120$ ( used only about 10 times brand new ) The enclosure was from pychotiller at the esk8 meet up got it for free The total for everything I’ve paid was about 1292$ in parts not including my fuck ups I will include 2 lipo chargers and 2 lipo fireproof bags for free in the board purchase They are Hobbymate HB120AC duo -100ish$ B6AC 80w 6A -60$ My asking price is at least 750$ price is negotiable Am selling this for cheap because it’s my first board and alot of mistakes have bin done am not trying to rip anyone off so am going to clearly state what the board has gone through I had two 6355s and the strators both got mest up so dual 6374’s the bamboo board has alot of screws holes roughly about 15 I’ve had 3 different types of mounting methods on it (I’ve bounce on the board several times like a boosted weigh 180 and nothing has happened) Before the motor teeth keep coming loose I think it’s because I am to lazy to apply red locktite , and the mounting brackets one screw on each bracket is stripped can still move them freely and change the angle no problem. Just can’t pull them apart. This board is my daily commute to school (highschool) I’ve recorded every mile on it and have babied it. Yet to find any hill I can’t destroy NOTE :ABEC 11 WHEELS NO MORE THAN 60 MILES ALONG WITH 6374’S

Pm me if interested I live in California Los Angeles would prefer a meet up but if not I can ship aswell PRICE DROP 700$ ASKING

holy shit that enclosure is triggering the shit outta me…

now I know how @thisguyhere feels when I rotate my photos weirdly :wink:

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It works amazing just has 3 small errors. Still rides like a beast tho just saying nothing wrong with it making it unrideable lol

Interested in the motors Tell me if you ever decide to part the build, i would totally get this but I dont have 750 lol

Broski, that enclosure has GOT to be straightened, OMG

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I am just using those holes from previous holes made from my old enclosure don’t want to drill anymore holes lol

That doesnt change the fact that they are crooked…lol Fill and drill…takes minutes :wink: