Bamboo GTR Series

Bamboo GTR Series is a finely crafted electric skateboard.It seeks as much function as appearance. This is an advanced electric skateboard, available in three models. Their common basic elements are a simple but rugged look and streamlined design. Let’s take a look at the common features of these boards, and then look at the technical specifications:

Product Features (GTR Series)

  • The Bamboo GTR series comes with two powerful belt motors that are durable. They made the circuit board have a very powerful drive. Wide wheelbase is great for general impressive balance.
  • The board is also a great design with some cool stripes on the sides to give an overall minimalist look.
  • The battery housing and ESC run throughout the length of the board. This allows for flexibility. The entire enclosure has electrical components well placed around the board.

Product Features (GTR Street)

  • Evolve Bamboo GTR Street is a great urban exploration focus for electric scooters. You can rely on it for daily use in and around your city.
  1. The maximum speed of Evolve GTR Street is 26 MPH or 42 km/h. This is very fast in terms of its price range. It also has enough power to get you anywhere quickly. It’s fast enough to avoid traffic jams and get to and from your work or other places quickly.
  2. It is laudable that the Evolve Bamboo Street can last a whopping 31MIl or 50km on a single charge. You can easily use it for long distances, or even travel outside the city, and come back with plenty of power for the next day. Its 504Wh battery has amazing capacity and lasts long enough to be used moderately for a few days.
  3. The Evolve GTR Street has a deck measuring 38 inches x 12 inches or 96 cm x 30.6 cm. This is enough space for you to move on The board.
  4. It takes 4-5 hours to recharge The vehicle. This is required to accommodate the huge range of this board and its amazing technical specifications.
  5. The main board weighs 10.3 kilograms. It ensures great balance and handles when traveling at higher speeds. Despite its weight, it can still pass through a 30-degree tilt.

Product Features (GTR All-Terrain)

  • Evolve Bamboo GTR All Terrain (AT) is one of the best electric skateboards you can get. It is well built and is capable of being used over mountains and rugged terrain.
  1. The Evolve GTR All-Terrain has a 504Wh battery similar to The street version and can last 19,000 miles or 30km.
  2. The 7-inch pneumatic wheel further improves its durability and handling in tough environments.
  3. The GTR all-terrain weight also weighs 11.3 kg.It is perfect for tough conditions and necessary for overall maneuverability. However, this does affect the slope it can climb.The board can climb up to 25 degrees on slopes and slopes.
  4. It has an amazing speed of 22 miles per hour or 36 kilometers per hour.This gives you the caution and speed you need in harsh environments.
  5. The battery needs to be recharged in 4-5 hours and can only be used for a day in moderate outdoor use.
  • You can also changewheels by Evolve Bamboo GTR Street as the all-terrain version. But other parts may get some performance compensation.
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