Banggood 18650 30Q Cells for $4.15 a piece!

Hey guys thought id drop this crazy deal on here. Anyways was looking through Banggood and saw 4x Samsung 30Q cells for $16.50 and thought it was a crazy steal. Looked at the reviews and they seem to be legitimate 3Ah 15A drain cells. Anyways thought id let everyone know and the sales ends on Sept 9 at 9pm CTZ.

That’s not bad actually. That’s a £2 saving per cell over Nkon, plus Nkon you have to pay shipping on top of that. Obviously the more you buy the cheaper the shipping gets, but on BG slightly quicker shipping is only £0.85 more… Not a bad deal :thumbsup:

i got my 30Q’s from nkon for $3.37/cell after shipping

Really wow thats a great deal, yeah Nkon seems to have great prices on these cells though do they ship to the USA?

yep. they ship from berlin using fedex. Mine shipped today, ETA 9/13

Yeah but shipping is €30 so unless your ordering a bunch of cells it doesn’t make sense for a US buyer.

Yea… I ordered 200 cells, so probably great for group buys :smiley:

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Shipping is only 7EUR for here in the UK :ok_hand: :grimacing: :smile:

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Nkon all the way, get enough cells and you get the right price/ship