I decided to go for a single drive instead with some higher quality parts. I still need to find some parts but here is the updated part list: The board:



Car battery spot welder:


TOTAL: $1072 excl. shipping

Parts i still need to find:

  • Foam pad for the battery
  • BMS
  • Parts for spot welder

I expect to pay $150 for shipping and $200 for the rest of the parts which will give me a total of: $1422

I might downgrade some of my parts or find other solutions since its $400 more than i expected it to be.



Hi everyone! Thanks for all the help. I just bought the Royce Pro deck from BustinBoards.com. I got it for $105 including shipping. You can save 50% on the boards on this site (https://bustinboards.com/collections/bustin-factory-store-page) if you use the code: Factorystore at checkout. And thanks @treenutter for recommending me to upgrade the deck :slight_smile:

edit: And thanks to @Adam0311 for posting the code on the forum!



Found all the parts for the spot welder and just some tools. Here are the parts:

Spot welder:




TOTAL: $93 excl. shipping (GRAND TOTAL: $1165 excl. shipping)

I still need to find a BMS and some foam pads for the battery



Orded all the parts i posted yesterday today. I payed $91.68 in total incl. shipping.

@gee I spent $64.36 on the spot welder incl. shipping and didn’t have to buy a battery since i already have one :slight_smile:

TOTAL SPENT: $196.68

The only things i haven’t found yet is a BMS and money lol.


I am basically making the same spotwelder

What spec battery is yours?

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Can’t find the battery right now but im pretty sure its a 12v 8ah 220a :slight_smile: I will update you when I find it.


already? shit

After some research have i finally found a BMS. Im going to buy this BMS (http://www.batterysupports.com/36v-37v-42v-10s-100a-10x-36v-lithium-ion-lipolymer-battery-bms-p-390.html) from SuPower. Sadly there isn’t enough space for the BMS in the Knuckles enclosure from @psychotiller so i might have to buy this (https://street-wing.com/product/fibreglass-enclosure-landyachtz-nine-two-five/) or this (https://street-wing.com/product/fibreglass-supermodel-enclosure/) enclosure from @DavidBanner if i can’t find a solution.

I expect to receive the deck in a few days so i can do some measuring to know which enclosure will fit on the board.

I am also going to get this remote instead of the one from (https://buildkitboards.com/products/mini-remote?variant=28691643845).

And thanks to all the help from the forum to make my board perfect :slight_smile:

Did you think about putting that bms on top of the battery?


Yes but thanks :slight_smile: The BMS is 20mm tall and the battery pack is at least 38mm which makes it 58mm tall and your enclosure is 40mm.

Should have got a smaller bms…

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I probably should but I don’t know which one to get instead. Do you have any recommendations?

Just a question, do you have a soldering iron, solder, bullet connectors, heatshrink, wires, assortments of nuts and bolts, connectors (xt), loctite, mulitmeter, etc

There are little things that people miss a lot of the time, most of it is cheap but buying it before may save you a lot of time and effort and also save money on “Expedited shipping”

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I don’t have that many tools so i probably have to buy some when i start building. The only things you mentioned I don’t have is bullet connectors, nuts, bolts and loctite. I plan on buying the nuts, bolts and loctite at a local hardware store but what am i supposed to use the bullet connectors for?

The bullets come in handy when dealing with connecting individual wires, such as motor phase wires, the torque boards motor come with phase wires with bullets that match the vesc they sell so you would be fine. However is the phase wires are not long enough you may have to make extensions and such.

Many new builder start out with Sk3 motors with 4mm bullets and they use tb vescs which are 5.5mm bullets and get frustrated as shit when they don’t fit and go batshit crazy waiting for bullets.



I’ve changed some of my parts to save some money but not going down on quality. Here are my new parts:

TOTAL: $330 MONEY SAVED: $110 :+1:


If you want to save even more money, get belts from vbeltsupply. Buy in bulk if you know it’s the right length, then buy some more if you ever plan on changing gearing.


Bestech D140 Charge only - 10S BMS is really thin.


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What are the pros and cons of having a charge only BMS instead of a normal BMS?

Pros are you wont hit amp cutouts all the time. They take up a lot less room, Cons are you will need a Mosfet switch.

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Is a mosfet switch an on/off button?