Barajabali's EMTB build thread

Okay so I’m starting to order all of my parts for my build. First of all I’d like to thank all of you who helped make this dream come true by buying my shit. I couldn’t do it without you So far I’ve ordered the dual rear chain kit with a 10:60 gearing ratio from nowind on ES. I was informed that chain would be a lot better for off roading because rocks and shit get into the belt drive

I still haven’t ordered my board but I am going to purchase this.

It’s weird on the website it’s almost 800 USD. But when I go to check out it comes down to 600 usd. I’m not complaining just confused.

I’m thinking about 2 motors at around 200kv or so.

Gonna be running a custom 10s 24 amp hour lipo battery. OR just make another 18650 pack maybe… Will be using gt2b as usual I’ll be adding to this thread with more items and updates


i would reccomend 26650s but i dont know how big or what material your deck is made out of edit: if its a mountain board why not just get @chaka new motor

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His motors don’t fit on the 63mm mounting holes of the kit.

Kit was almost 400 usd. The board is 600usd.

I haven’t even bought any electronics yet

Lol u need a GoFundMe page for your project lol

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I need to make up some sad story about how I never had anything growing up and how my parents never loved me.


And you never had electricity growing up, and had to WALK to school UPHILL both ways, and skateboarding was illegal…

Damn, your life must have SUCKED. Where do I send you MORE of my money? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Lord knows you’ll need it for that board alone. I had no idea they were that expensive. :astonished: So sick though.

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I’m in the “Craigslist/eBay kick me downs” group

Hey dude, check your messages. Notification for pm is not working for some reason.

And the parts start Rollin in :heart_eyes:


I need to start ordering motors. And thinking about how much voltage I want to run thru this…

@whitepony any suggestions on motors and voltage?

I do want a respectable top speed but there is so much reduction happening in these gears. 10:60

I got away with 5.5:1 reduction on 6s and had a top speed of 22mph which is decent. On 10s it’d be ~35mph.

Hmm okay not bad. What kv?

Tacon 160 245kv

Oh okay thanks for the info I need these numbers so I can make a decision

got my board running today, single sk3 6374 149kv 6s fvt topped at 12mph

People generally use higher kv motors with 6s and lower kv motors with 10s and 12s, which would explain why your top speed is so poor.

Yep but he can pull a stump from the ground now :joy:

@barajabali are you gonna leave it bear aluminum?

I’d recommend some cf vinyl. The better quality ones look really good, or maybe paint it to match your trucks?

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They have that stuff you can dip it in and have a graphic put on it…like some Paris trucks have