Barajabali's sale repost

FUND MY MOUNTAIN BOARD PROJECT 2K16 this is all thats left.

Wiiceiver -20 bucks.

(3) 120 amp FVT esc 6s ALL SOLD

(2) pyscho tiller mounts pretty much new. 100 bucks.

Bunch of random belts. (4) 295mm (4) 255 (1) 265

my board 525 bucks.

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I’ll take the esc

ill take the wiiceiver

I’ll take the wiiciever and the esc if the 2 above me fall through

okay just send me 30 bucks

[email protected]

okay paypal me 20 bucks [email protected]

god damn no one wants these mounts lol.

Lol mounts don’t get jacked up that much… What mounts ? For Paris or caliber?

theyre for caliber.

save one for me i might buy

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Lol ur killing me @willpark16 lol

I was waiting on you @willpark16 to ping on @paragon’s Carvons for sale lol

nope i dont do hub motors im just trying to finish this build and pay my debts

Impossible with this hobby lol

haha they cant beat pulley drive yet

Did you just PayPal me

I’m just checking, is the wiiciever and esc still up for sale or not? You should say sold when stuff is sold.

I do say when things are sold… Look at my Cl post.

ANYWAY waiting for @DilatedPupils to respond to see if he’s the one two paypaled me 30 bucks

Yes. Sent $30 for the esc.

How much for the 4 295 belts shipped?