Barcelona esk8 suggestions!

So finally heading in my trip to Barcelona, first time with esk8. Thanks to forum members @Kaly @barajabali @esk8 and many others for helping me get properly equipped in the road.

A general shoutout to forum members who have esk8’Ed in Barcelona and can suggest places or specific routes to try while there. I have been to Barcelona but not with esk8 so first time looking for where to go. Will be there for a week so any suggestions, general areas, specific places, routes or trips much appreciated even if seems obvious!



Lets hope the batteries make it there and back without getting stopped by the TSA! haha


Fedex put them there for me in advance, derisked the situation! Three 12s2p. And shipped me a backup from Germany just in case. So worst case scenario, I have to get this stuff all back to Us afterwards lol!!!


You my man are well prepared Make some videos :smile:

U sound like u have secured yourself in battery field.

How u gonna transport the board itself? As sports equipment? I think penny is the only board capable =small enough / to fit into regular luggage

It’s gonna be an awesome trip! I recommend Playa de la Barceloneta, Villa Olímpica, Port Olimpic, Poble Nou!

I have sending Chip this Board from Germany :joy: :+1:

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I see… that explains / solved everything!

Hey if you find trouble with police and your skate, always you can say “oh lo siento señor agente, no lo sabía, no lo volvere ha hacer” :joy: And then 5 minutes later :surfer: in the road again!!

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I don’t think they will be making any problems there, the police in Spain is… pretty “liberal”, I have been there like 2 weeks ago. Also keep in mind they often speak Catalan not Spanish :wink: And not everyone speaks english, especially older folks at Mcdonalds :joy: Thank god for those electronic screens to place an order! Have fun, the city architectonically is AMAZING, don’t crush Yourself riding and starring at those modernistic buildings!

Yea man Spanish police are chill, they will probably want to try it.