Barcelona group ride

Hi community ! this Sunday 24th I’m organizing a eboard meeting :sunny: , we will ride from plaça de Sants to el Parc del Forum, as far as I know is going to be the first ride group in this city , so I hope many of you can come ! If you want to know more details, join in the following Facebook group :wink:


Good luck, barcelona is such a cool city for eboarding, I hope I can bring a board on one of my next trips there :slight_smile:

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I will be in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress from 2/21-3/3 so let’s do another group ride this weekend as well!

Also these guys: @mutantbass @topcloud

I will be there from the 1st to 3rd. march, hopefully with an haya short board (GF studies there)

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Alright guys, because I see some of you are interested to meet up the first weekend of March, I’m going to organize one for the Saturday 2th if you like


If you guys are near La Barceloneta the weekend prior to the conference, pls PM me and at least allow me to buy everyone a drink or ten in support of Catalonian independence :slight_smile: I expect to be at the W Saturday morning until Wednesday-ish.


Yes, I will also be nearby La Barceloneta at the Serra Hotel close to W the weekend of Feb 22-23 if anyone wants to get together and esk8 Sunday 2/23 for example!

You mean Sunday 24th?

Hello people, rumor has it you are coming to my city :slight_smile: W is a great meetup point. Lets definitely meet up on the 24th regardless of whether we ride or not. Nothing wrong with just grabbing a drink :slight_smile: @topcloud are you bringing a board?

@henri message me you whatsapp number. I can join you this Sunday on the ride midway point around gothic/Barceloneta and then we can head to del forum.

Defnetly! We can meet both days! My number is 0034 628 739 552 Join in the ( electric skateboarders Barcelona ) Facebook group as well!

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Hi Henri ! I’m in Barcelona today till tomorrow, if you’re available for a meet let me know :beers: I hit you a mail on Whatsapp.

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yes feel free to text me on whatsapp

Thanks god :joy::joy: finally a group ride in barcelona, which day it would be?

sunday 24th in Sants train station, at 11am. if everybody is agree.

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Hey finally I got home early by Saturday, sorry for not connecting sooner !

@mutantbass @caustin @topcloud @Vanarian will you join us this sunday?


I’m back in France sorry :confused: Was there really for Valentine’s weekend with my wife ! I’ll contact you beforehand when I come back !

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