BARCELONA XL | Hobbyking | KebbeK Switchback | Solderless 18650

I needed a backup / guest board

  • Low build effort
  • Reliable
  • Torque is higher priority than top speed

This plant tray was spotted a few times on this forum, it’s actually very good, I bought 2 just in case, they are cheap. It was funny when I walked into the skateboard shop with it and said

-I need a longboard, that fits this battery tray -Mmm… okay, let’s find you something nice shop, apart from the deck got some small things like bearings and bushings and shock pads plus grip tape

Didn’t want to spot weld, so chickened out and bougt 10x4 18650 blossom battery holders and wired them like this

10s4p Samsung 30q, FOCBOX, antispark from @eldoska, BLE module, mini remote, ABEC 90mm wheels, hobbyking motor, trucks and mount

Stuff from hobbyking is good, but you must use loctite

I also used Max 2k polyurethane spray on the deck and gaskets ( to protect from water. Works really well! Dirt doesn’t stick to the deck and can be easily removed with a cloth

Yesterday ride. Can’t waste the chance to advertise new overlay :sweat_smile:


how those battery holders do? i hate connecting 18650. ever done a resistance test? any cut-outs? can do they high amps?

I wonder if you can maintain the trays but toughen up the connection points with some nickel or copper

i dont see the lids you have on their site. fuck spot welding im getting these next time…as long as they can hold a solid connection and have low resistance. could have lower than spot welding possibly. why do people spot weld…why did i buy one!


Check the voltage sag from my record. I am not an expert on what is the usual voltage sag with 30q pack, so you’ll have to do some research. But as you can see I am pulling almost 30A and it doesn’t blow up (but sags hard). Google ‘barcelona xl 60cm bauhaus’ and you should find the enclosure.

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That is a very nice and pretty board 10/10 good job