Barracuda lowrider

I got exactly 1 and 1/4 inch. and that’s with 97mm wheels.

that looks like more than 1 1/4. I think I win! and those wheels are definitely smaller that my 97mm.

I’m at 1 1/4 also… Uploading…

and yes those are 80mm wheels…

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where is the best place to download the bdlc tool from? I have Windows pc and can’t use zip files.

Jacob web site

cool thanks. battery is almost charged, going to download and do motor detect in a few mins.

Well bro you should turn your motors to the angle that the wires could be tighten somewhere so that they won’t get twisted…:stuck_out_tongue:

Well I couldn’t get my old. Tx and rx to work so I gave up till I get my nano-x I ordered 3 months ago, but I still haven’t got it yet. Has any one recieved theirs yet? Is it just me that hasn’t received it or is everyone still waiting?