Barracuda lowrider

fist build [ landyachtz switch 40 [ enertion trucks [ dual r-spec motors [ enertion vescs [ space cell 4 [ 97mm flywheel clones

I’m, so I’m putting my first build together and am trying to figure out how to post pics. I have a few questions if anyone wants to help. I just got new space cell, dual r-spec motors, and dual vescs all from enertion. do I even have to program them or should they just work right since they’ve supposedly all been tested with exact same parts. also, how do i post pics? i cant figure it out.

I have a raptor complete. So basically the same parts. Vescs should work out of the box. But you might want to change a few things here and there.

When you edit your posts, you can just drag your pics in the box to upload them. Or… Just hit the upload button if on mobile. :wink:

The motors will have to be out the back instead of under with that low board, i hope those enertion motor mounts will have a long enough C to C to clear the trucks ?

As far as I know the enertion mounts can NOT be used for reverse mounting. They have a fixed angle with only slight wiggle room for belt tensioning.

you still have to run motor detection, using the bldc tool… Unlike the raptor these part haven’t been test together, so you need to hook them up and configure them so they can work as a unit.

You can follow these topic

or use the keyword VESC FAQ to get more info on specific subject.

Also, If can pull this off using this deck I will be really impress, it not something that is impossible but probably require some ingenuity, because drop down and drop through are not usually a good start for using satellite configuration except if you put the motor backward.

but if you switch to hub… sky is the limits… well not really the sky, because you can get closer to ground.

where is the upload button? What does it look like?

Should be the 7th button over from the left “flat bar” with up arrow.

I have it all together , i used a wedge riser to make the motors clear the deck. it looks like it’s going to work. I have everything together but I’m using an old traxxas radio and receiver and I can’t get it to power up the reciever. I’m just waiting for the space cell to charge up and then I guess I’ll have to pull it apart again to do the motor detection. I have the reciever wires split to both the vescs, will that work?

holy shot it worked! lots more pics coming!

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I can’t get the receiver to power up. do the motors have to be plugged in to get the vescs to power up? I haven’t pulled it apart yet to see if they’re lit up. and the battery is only at 60% so far. shouldn’t the vescs power up the reciever anyway?

or maybe is it cause I split the wires from the rx to the vescs? was that a mistake? I’m thinking it might be cause I haven’t plugged in the motors or done the motor detect thing yet.

ground clearance looks good!

waiting for the battery to charge is killing me.

I will take pics of the wiring when I open it up after the battery charges.

Nice build, glad you make it work… Now I will have to try it in one of my next build. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also what is the ground clearance, just to be sure that mine is lower :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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