Basen LiMN 4500mAh, 40A. Any good?

and smaller^^

So basen will get you double the ride time and the same amperage for a battery that is equal in cost per wh and smaller in size. Sounds like a good deal to me

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When it comes to 18650 I’d rather go with LG HG2 - same size as Samsung but has 11.1 WH per cell.

How safe compared to Li-Ion?

What? 10characters

I’m still rocking the 10s1p every day to and from work.

The only disadvantages I can think of for this battery (vs 18650) is the pack will not be as low-profile (obviously).

Advantages - Great bang for buck, simplifies battery making process (if going 1p vs 3p etc.), and if soldering your battery pack together - they are much slower to heat up from the iron.

Install them in one of these !

Tell me if they fit there! and how many. My favorite ‘‘a Landy switchblade’’ is also available as hollow core