Basen LiMN 4500mAh, 40A. Any good?

I’m researching battery options for building my own pack. I want at least a 65A continuous draw battery pack and around 7500mAh to 10000Ah capacity.

li-ions 18650’s seem to have a decent capacity, but too low of an amperage for me: 2500mAh, 20A cont. A123 Lifepo4 have great amperage, but lower capacity, and expensive, as a bonus they have GREAT cycle life: 2300mAh, 70A cont, >1000 charge cycles

neither of these looked appealing to me, so i went searching. I found these just now:

4500mAh, 40A cont., and they are cheaper than A123 cells.

If i bought these i’d likely do a 10s2p or 12s2p: 9000mAh, 80A cont.

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The Basen cells are over stated on Lion wholesale website. According to Basen they are 60a pulse and 30a continuous. Still better than 18650 cells. Really, 60a continuous should be more than enough for just about any E-board on 10-12s

30a still sounds good. And they have a higher capacity too. Might go with these then. Dont know how i missed that other topic thanks!

It’s cool…so much is being posted sometimes I cant find some that I posted hahahh

@Stevemk14ebr 18650 in 10s3p would give you 60A and 7500mah right?

I was talking a lot to @Namasaki about using these BASENS as a good alternative to popular 18650…and it actually makes a lot of sense to build a nice pack with it.

Samsung 25R18650 in 10s3p would give you 60A - 270 WH 7500Mah. vs **BASEN 26650 in_10s3p_**would give you 90A - 500WH 13500Mah.
**BASEN 26650 in_12s2p_**would give you 60A - 400WH 13500Mah.

sure - but 30 batteries are also a huge price difference. Basen 30pc --> 217.8$ Samsung 30pc --> 140.7$

Well, i like math and i assume this calculation is right:[quote=“appelton, post:7, topic:5739”] Samsung 25R18650 in 10s3p would give you 60A - 270 WH 7500Mah. vsBASEN 26650 in_10s3p_would give you 90A - 500WH 13500Mah. [/quote]

Then i calculate the following: BASEN 10S3P = 500 WH = (217,8/500) = 0,4356$ per WH 18650 10S3P = 270 WH = (140,7/270) = 0,521$ per WH

The calculation shows that the BASEN 26650 are cheaper.

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We can also compare these Basen’s to the most powerful 18650 LG H2 .

10s3p 18650 LG H2 - 60A 324 WH 9000 Mah. Priced at $ 6.49 vs 10s3p BASEN 26650 90A - 500WH 13500Mah. Priced at $7.98
there is only 1.49$ difference a cell for so much more power. I think it is worth it.

Another calculation that the BASEN are worth it:

217,8$ (26650) / 140,7 (18650) $ = 1,55 500Wh (26650) / 270Wh (18650) = 1,85

You pay 55% more for the 26650 but you will get 85% more power!

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you guys forget about the size and weight of the pack in the end. A 26650 is 2.6cm in diameter while a 18650 is only 1.8cm. At 30 cells this makes a huge difference if you don’t have a oversized deck. Also the weight is crazy - basens are given as 100g per cell while a samsung 25r is just 45g. That is a 1.5kg difference at 30 cells.

I’ve doubled checked the weight and these Basen’s are usually around 86-88grams. That 100g is not accurate on the website. So it would be around 2.6 kg . I think it’s totally acceptable for 30cells. So a little over 1.1 kg more than 18650 . Not that bad.

Not that bad on a board with a total weight of less than 10kg? The basens are cool cells - but you don’t want a 10s3p pack - stick to ~20cells!

I think I’ve seen much heavier powerplant decks here :wink: I think it’s always a choice between light / weak vs heavier / powerful

I’d be really interested in a group buy if anyone thinks they could organize it?

I am interessted too! But i am from germany -.-" can be problematic

How would a 12s1p pack be? You could arrange it just like Boosted’s setup and get almost double the capacity. 12s and 30A should be fine for a single motor build. Considering that most builds pull 40A max at 10s, 12s should be even lower.

@Pantologist i live in a really hilly area so i need a higher amp pack and have dual motors, so i’d personally do a 2p. For those that live on flatter ground I think these would be perfect and a better solution than A123 cells!

I just had a look at the 25R price again. I calculated with the 4.69$ price but there is a 4$ price floating around here (

so a 10s3p pack with 26r costs not 140.7 but just 120$ and 30pc 25r do have 277Wh instead of 270 so: 120$/277Wh = 0.433$/Wh for 25R 217.8$/500Wh = 0.435$/Wh for Basen

–> Samsung is even cheaper