Basic Parts Schematics

I’m a total newb.

Recently got a prebuilt Chinese knockoff (Benchwheel) which is already failing me in some ways.

I wanted to upgrade the board to VESCs and wanted to make sure I’m understanding the basic parts configuration.

Is this correct?

Looks good to me. Are you keeping the existing BMS or upgrading the battery to higher voltage as well?

keeping the current battery.

goal is to reuse as much as possible and upgrade incrementally to spread the costs out.

question, does the VESC require a certain voltage + amp levels? or can you use the VESC with varying battery sizes?

read through your other thread on issues you’re having w/ your benchwheel.

Not sure that new VESCs will fix the one motor drag issue.

the battery looks to be 6s4p - not sure on mAh of the pack - but really not critical except for range.

To answer your question - VESC will function just fine on 6s. I regularly do this as my GF rides her single motor setup on 6s or occasionally 8s. She likes it a bit slower and this makes it easier for her. I ride the 8s setup just fine too.

You can configure low voltage settings in VESC which can cause issues here (swapping between higher and lower voltage battery packs), but i use a simple lipo alarm to alert when cells get low (3.6/3.7v).

If you liked the ride previously, what about swapping the motors with similar/replacement ones (or a matching replacement of the one suspect motor)? I might also try cleaning the bearings or checking them to replace one if going bad. Good clean/lube of bearings might be the least expensive fix! (and do your skate bearings while you are at it) Always helps!


when you say clean the bearings, are we talking about the motor bearing? is there a bearing in the motor?

and when you say skate bearing, that’s the wheel bearing, right?

correct-a-mundo. there are at least 2 bearings in the motor. but might be a pain to get to. You’ll need to take the motor apart. Usually a circlip on the motor shaft and then pull off the outer “can” of the motor.

I’m pretty sure @Chaka was talking about an upgrade/option of ceramic bearings in his custom 50mm motors - with some pics which may help you.


dayum, the motors this board came with is enclosed, not sure if i can open it up. hell, it’s not even easy getting it off the mount.

anyway, i’ll put things back tonight, grease up the bearings and see if that makes a difference, along @Mobutusan’s suggestion on swapping out the phase cables.

what kind of grease is good for bearings? WD-40?

WD40 will ruin your bearings, its a cleaner and degreaser. Get some Lithium Grease and use that.

glad i asked. thank you.