Basic Pneumatic Board | Skateshred 41" Drop-Down | TB 218 | FS 6374 | TB 63mm Reverse | 10S4P N.E.S.E with DieBieMS | FSESC 6.6 | 6x2 Aliexpress Pneumatic Wheel

Great to hear it fit everything! though I admit I hadn’t accounted for the more pronounced concave on your deck :sweat_smile:

Edit: Looks like you’ve gotten it to conform to the deck after heating it up though

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Also, I thought Altar Wedge would come with a gasket of some sort. What sort of ingress protection do people normally use with such an enclosure.

This is what PT uses and what I’ll have on my build as well.


Enclosure all done. IMG_20181006_192850 IMG_20181006_192838 IMG_20181006_192902


I have to admit… with the amazing DIY work you’ve been doing the rest of this build I feel like you could do better on the enclosure. Psychotiller does a great job with everything, but ABS isn’t meant to really bend as much as that deck and reheating gets rid of the defined shape. Maybe fiberglass? Not trying to put it down at all - I’ve been very impressed with every aspect of this - I just think if you take another go at it you’ll be happy with the results.


Thanks for the kind words. Regarding your thoughts on the enclosure, that is precisely how I feel too. I wanted a tested enclosure, so went for Tiller’s, didn’t anticipate what I had to do to make it work and how ugly it might look after. Haha.

I have a pretty good model of the deck in CAD and an enclosure that I designed. So I have these options:

  1. Print that enclosure. Print it in parts and glue it together using some flexible epoxy.
  2. Do above(a tiny bit smaller) but then instead of using that enclosure, turn it into a mould for a fiberglass shell.

This is a no frills enclosure just for the NESE + DieBieMS, where the VESC is mounted just above the rear trucks. I can easily modify it to have the VESCs inside too 10S4P_deck_mounted 10S4P_deck_mounted2 enclosure


Dang that sucks man…

I’m going to be trying to squeeze 2 focboxes, 12s4p NESE, and a DIEBIEms under my altar wedge…its gonna be super tight!

It will work absolutely fine in there, if you have a flat-ish deck.

My deck has a agressive w shape and that made it hard.

Luckily I decided to be crazy and learn how to make decks…so the one I made for this is good and flat on the mounting spot.

Only problem is I cut the first one just a tad too short on the corners so the enclosure hangs over just a bit in all 4 corners.

Currently working on a hydraulic press to make a new deck.

@mishrasubhransu did you have any wheelbite issues?

Yes, I had to remove some of the corners using a belt sander. I imagine you could do it with a saw and then sand it smooth.

ok. Well you have a deck with a drop, which adds to the wheelbite. But a good reference for my build.

why don’t you print the enclosure, very thinn layer, and then cover it in fiberglass/CF. this way it will print fast and you’ll get a strong enclosure


:smiley: that’s exactly the plan. I am almost about to complete the 3D printed enclosure for the other build(105mm hub motor and bamboo deck), so I’ll work on it after that.

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thats a good idea.

I even got some flexible epoxy for the glass fiber lamination.

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So it’s finally complete. I have the following update:

  1. It’s nicely setup with DieBieMS with push to start. I made my own casing for the DieBieMS which is not the standard N.E.S.E case for the BMS. It is roomier for removing the balancing connector easily and also for routing the balance wires.
  2. The rear motor guard also acts as mount spacer.
  3. It’s pretty much sealed everywhere except where the wires enter. I plan to print a part in TPU(flexible) filament and pass all the cables through it. Sealing is done using a 3mm rubber sheet from amazon.
  4. The ppm receiver is all the way to the front so that there is little interference from the switching action going on in the back.
  5. Everything has been mounted to the board with some sort of vibration dampeners. The escs hang using rubber standoffs.

Pretty happy with it. Now I have to put grip on top. I have a transparent one. Should I use that or go with glass fritz for this deck?


what a beauty

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Went for the first ride. Wow! Feels like riding on a cusion of air, :thinking:, well duh! I wish I had done this earlier. My feet wouldn’t have suffered as much for the last 2 years.


wheelbite is not an issue right? Could you maybe send me the measurments from the drop? I want to recreate this with brackets.

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