Basic Pneumatic Board | Skateshred 41" Drop-Down | TB 218 | FS 6374 | TB 63mm Reverse | 10S4P N.E.S.E with DieBieMS | FSESC 6.6 | 6x2 Aliexpress Pneumatic Wheel

It’s time to build a decent looking board. I am just about done with my franken-board. But here is a bit of background. Two years ago, I built the first board pretty cheaply, handmade a lot of things and was a lot of fun. I later upgraded parts like TB trucks, wider trucks, HK 8S 8AH lipo and finally vescs. This was a stable build that kept working until I fully drained the hobby king battery. I mounted whatever battery I could find into what I now call the Hammerhead board and upgraded the wheels to MBS all terrain. Back on it’s legs, err wheels, it just continues to work without any maintenance(in terms of belt and screw tightening) and is a great commuter board. imageMVIMG_20180908_225216MVIMG_20180908_225241

Enough background, now let’s talk about the new build. Here is a pic to sum it up but I’ll add details soon MVIMG_20180909_023402 MVIMG_20180909_023435 Deck : 1 X skateshred 41" = $40 Motor : 2 X TB 6355 = $180 (reusing old ones) ESC : 2 X TB VESC = $200 (reusing old ones) Trucks : TB 218 = $65 Motor Mount : 2 X TB 63mm Reverse = $90 (labor day sale) Belt : 2 X 15mm 375 HTD5 = $12 Motor Pulley : 2 X TB 15mm 16T = $33 Wheel Pulley: 2 X 15mm 50T 3D printed = $20 Battery : 40X Samsung 25R(10S4P)= $100 Battery pack: 5X 2S4P N.E.S.E modules = $50 (bought parts and assembled) BMS : DieBieMS = $120 Wheels : Aliexpress 6X2 (alu)wheels= $72 Enclosure : Psychotiller’s Altar Wedge = $60 Remote : arduino based trigger style ~ $80

Cost(w/o shipping) so far: $ 1122 Shipping cost so far: $50 Total cost of the build: $1172 Total cost - reused parts: $792

Files: Wheel Setup:



you already test the feather m0? :slight_smile: sry i can’t wait to order one…

build looks nice, and very clean so far!

Nice to see you build log! Interested to see how you wire up the bms! Hope to get the DieBieMS soon as well and go with the braids you are running too!

Just got the material. Will start after the 15th. Should take 1 week max.

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any news on this? :slight_smile:

Was waiting for the rest of the wheels to arrive. Took a month. MVIMG_20180922_112538


Have you needed to do any balancing to it? Looks like a great deal!

any progress with the feather i ment?^^

So I thought to make some hardware first and then work on the software and testing. I am designing the remote from scratch. Also, I’ll be using a potentiometer instead of hall effect sensor.

image IMG_20180923_124643

@mmaner, you can probably see where I got the inspiration for the remote from. In my other thread I think, you had asked for a CAD of the mini remote . I have the rough shell of the original remote, do you still want that?

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Sure, I got atapped working in my mini remote mod… Work, ughhh. Thanks

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Finally ordered an enclosure, psychotiller’s Altar Wedge. Thanks @Wraith for the suggestion. Didn’t get my 10% discount as a first time buyer though. They showed me a coupon after I purchased it :sob:



that’s great to hear! I think you’ll be pleased with it. Hope to get mine soon once @psychotiller receives my parts and mount it all then can ship it over to me. You could ask Dave why the coupon showed up after the order was completed. looking forward to seeing your build come together now :smile:

That’s a tictail thing…They are the host of my site. They gave you a coupon for being a first time buyer. Thanks for being a first time buyer!!! Now you have a coupon for your second purchase :sunglasses:


And there’s the downside of laundering all my skateboard funds through my friends PayPal’s instead of using my wife’s lol. No coupons for me.

Theres so much to choose from on tillers site. %10 off is worth going back for more.

Board looks good so far.


Actually they didn’t even give me a coupon, now I realize. They gave me a link to share. If the other person buys they get 10% discount and I get 10% discount on my next purchase. Haha. Well here’s a link if anyone wants to avail 10% discount directly


Inserts arrived. Looks pretty good. 50 Pcs for ~$4 from aliexpress.

You can expect to see 10S4P NESE(with flexi-mount) with DieBieMS mounted on board with Psychotiler’s Altar Wedge pretty soon.


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Watching…I wanna see how you get the NESE in that altar wedge.

Its what my set up is going to be right now!

Still waiting on the altar wedge. I’ll give it one more week and then I’ll contact him. In the meantime I have mounted the actual modules on the board. IMG_20180930_032031 IMG_20180930_031952 IMG_20180930_032000 IMG_20180930_031846 IMG_20180930_031910


Did it like this(Work in progress though). But it was not straight forward. I heated the whole thing up using a heat gun and then made it conform to the board while wearing thermal gloves. .

Altar wedge is perfect for NESE modules, but the shape of my deck made it a pain in the ass.

IMG_20181006_014029 IMG_20181006_014037