Basically Brand New LandWheel L3-A [FULL SET]

Hey, I won a LandWheel L3-A at an event here in NYC with the electric skateboard group I roll with. The problem is, I already have a Boosted Board V2, I have no use for this board. I’d like to sell it to get some pocket change so I can hopefully get a good camera to use while I cruise around. For those who don’t know, it’s a modular dual hub motor drive that could be taken off and mounted on any decks big enough to use it.

I’ve looked around on the internet and LandWheel L3-A (Full Kit with Deck) goes for around 800$ retail but even I know it’s not worth that much, so if anyone wants to take it off my hands for around 500$ I’ll be happy to sell it to you.

It comes with all the stock/retail accessories including the battery, charger, remote, battery charging case, replacements wheel skins, even the manual; I barely used it just to test it out.

$200 is my offer after reading the Landwheel thread.

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I was gonna say that exact price​:joy::joy:

I’ll give you $300. Probably not as much as you hoped but it also needs to get shipped to Holland (where I live) and that’s probably another $100.

Have you sold this yet? I will buy. Email me at [email protected]