Batterie in deck enclosure?

Hi fellas, Im planning to build the deck by myself. It should get a trough in the center of the deck so I can place my batterie pack there and cover it from the top. Im not sure if that’s a good or bad idea. I’ll use arround 20 layers of 0.6mm maple furniture + two layers of plexiglas. The total height of the deck should be arround 15mm. My batterie pack has a height of 36-40mm. The trough sould be as deep as the batteries hight but i would also be happy if i can cover at least 80% of the batterie.

What do you guys think? Im very scared that the deck will break after a while, cause my driving style is … let’s say wild :wink:

Here you can see a rough design of my idea. Of course I’ll try to smooth all the edges.


There are plenty of integrated decks that have done this successfully. Why not do the compartment the length of the deck ( the standing area really )so you have bigger battery options?

Oh i didnt knew that, if it works for them it should work for me :smiley: I want to go for less weight with this board so i dont need a larger batterie. But yeah youre right :vulcan_salute:

don’t forget room for the esc too !

Waiting for it to dry. image image image image


That’s cool, such a weird an unique deck it will make

Looking great man, did you incorporate concave in the foot areas?

Concave definitely makes any board feel nicer, you could always add it on if you want to

Im on a similar project right now and used 16 layers of birch and 8 layers of glassfibre matts predded together with epoxy The dech will cover the whole electronics (its 30mm thick) May you also add arbon fibre matts to your Unidirectional and bidirectional ones to improve stability IMG_6558 IMG_6559 The steel in the middle is just another part to make sure nothing breaks during a ride

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How can I do that? Do I have to add up layers on the side to give it a concave shape?

@sharky Nice work mate :clap: my first idea was to press it in a similar form like yours. But with the tools I got it would be ways to much work.

Thx man actually i pressedvit with a vacuum bag i 4 runs cus i dobt have a press like you :sweat_smile: IMG_6386 IMG_6387 IMG_6389 IMG_6390 And then a colleage of mine cnc milled the pockets out

IMG_6373 IMG_6374 IMG_6376


I just took the deck out of the press. I haven’t used enough glue so I have some gaps on the side ::frowning: The deck is very flexible I think that’s because of the thin layers. image image image image

All in all i think the Deck is strong enough even tho I got some gaps, because the middle part should be glued good enough. Anyway I will give it another try :+1:

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