Batteries in close quarters to VESC a risk?

Hi guys, quick question

Just as a temporary measure, I’m putting all my electronics in a plastic tupperware container/box, attached to the underside of my board. The worrying part is that my VESC and batteries are in very close quarters. How much of an issue is heat going to be? Is this generally considered a big no no? Or should it be alright realistically? I’m just concerned that the heat from the vesc might damage batteries or something, I don’t have much experience with lipos or vescs so i’m not sure on this one.

Just an unanticipated part of building a lot of people might not have thought about prior to putting stuff together!

Any help would be good, cheers :kissing_heart:

Mine is pretty close, not ideal as you said because of heat, but as yours is just temporary i wouldn’t worry, but make sure it’s not in direct contact its a good idea to check in the end on a ride if a lot of heat are being transferred to the battery


Ah ok, youve got a lot of stuff going on in that picture! That about clears it up, nice one cheers :wink:

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