Batteries in India. Help!

I have built two boards in past and have used them alot . I used lipos as li ions aren’t available in India at a proper price there are almost 4times more than usual price. Talking about high drain batteries such as lg hg2, Samsung 30Q, 25R.

My boards are sitting in shelf dreaming to be ridden. But can’t because of batteries.

I recently met with a lipo accident on yee play board (photos attached) , it was just sitting and caught fire (no one got injured)

Finally found one seller , turns out cells were fake 30Q.

I would buy the batteries from different countries but customs in India are strict that they dont allow li ion import due to which no seller sells batteries/e-skateboards in India.

Soo now: I need help from anyone of you all , if you ever visit India- Mumbai or any city , would you be able to bring 10s2p pack as i recently saw in Casey neistat’s video if you remove the Batteries and bring is not a issue. I would pay the price of the pack . [Not asking anyone to just come for the batteries, I meant if someone is planning a trip to India or maybe business meetings etc, they can bring along]

IMG-20180920-WA0006 IMG-20180920-WA0004 IMG-20180920-WA0003 IMG-20180920-WA0005

i don´t know the import rules about india, but

…they as min deliver to india…

They will ship it but customs will not allow me to get it, tried and wasted my money once.

wow why is cutoms not allowing it?

I have no idea , even simple 2$ drones gets ceased. Also due to makeinIndia campaign government is discouraging everything coming from other countries which makes it more difficult. And there are hardly any manufacturers here who would make good quality li ion…

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damn that sounds rly dire

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Sounds like a certain other country. :confused:

Hope someone is going on vacation soon try apps like airmule that connect travelers with people who need stuff and they “sell” a section of their luggage.

Try contacting electronics(chips and circuits) suppliers in Lamington road, Mumbai. They will source it for you.

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Maybe order a meepo battery I have used theese in the past.

I am well aware of the market, and have been riding boards from 2 years now. No proper source for original Batteries

Meepo doesn’t ship to India for same reason

Just saw your profile, man where do live?? India? From name i can assume maybe Indian origin.

I used to live in India before. Worked on robotics stuff and a particular shop in lamington market was our go to source for hard to find parts. I remember getting original 18650 for Rs200 or 240. I am pretty sure you can ask them to get sample parts with a promise that you’ll be getting 40 or so if they turn out to have the right capacity.

I am getting 18650 like chinese knock offs, and the original price of one Samsung 30Q is 1100 even if i buy 20. That was the reason i chose lipos. Will still go back and ask few more shops. But i have covered most of major shops. Thats my go to place for all parts actually

What about Samsung 18650 25R? That I think is more widely available and it’s a damn good battery.

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Yes , even those aren’t available most close i got was Samsung 22p and lg 26m or something. Which are 10A cells. Still will try more to find someone who cells 25R

Is importing lipos fine?

No but they are available at some rc shops as drones are pretty popular in India. But compared to price in Us its still approx 3 times more. Popular rc shops order in bulk via cargo shipments and for that some sort of lisence is required. I cannot do a group buy within India as I only know one other guy into esk8

The ones i used last time were 2x 6s 3300mah 35c 12s lipos. Company name its tattu

Came to Delhi last week. I would have grabbed a battery for you if i knew sooner. I might come back after a couple of months but getting a battery onboard a plane itself is a big hassle.

Ikr, but recently casey made a video that if you just put it in bag its not much of an issue…

Here is the link to that video, its within the same country doubtful about India though. There are rc forums which says there are no problems this way.

Here is another video explaining how to carry batteries on planes, looks like carrying individual 18650s won’t be any problem

When are you planning to visit? And where?