Batteries upgrade, suggestion needed

Hi everyone,

I have kind of stupid question on batteries but as I designed case myself I made some restrictions for myself as well and would be happy if someone will share his thoughts with me on charging for 2 separate batteries. Currently I’m planning battery upgrade of my ESK8 and thinking how to charge it properly.

Right now I’m using 4x3s lipos and I’m charging it separately one-by - one and I’m tired of that(4 years). But time came for upgrade as lipos are too old now to use it without any worries. I’m planning to switch to 21700 batteries 12s2p Samsung 40T. And I have to separate it into 2*6s2p to fit it into my case.

I want to make just plug-in charger with bms(using power supply like any other esk8). For 1 * 12s battery its clear how to do this. But as I have 2*6s batteries, suggestion needed. I have 2 wires on other side of deck to connect batteries for discharging. Simple Anti Spark Switch in first half to complete the circle.

In thinking to add charging port to first “half”:

My concern is that I have On/Off switch (Anti Spark Connector Plug XT90-S) in first half as well(same where i want to stick charging port). And I don’t have any switches on other half with second part of battery and esc. So my question is: can I charge board simply sticking charging port in first half and charge it (this way vesc would be powered on as well, and basically board is powered on but charging at the same time)? The 2 wires on other side connecting 2 batteries will used this way for charging. My best guess is No and this is Horrible idea and I need to add 2 more wires to other side of board connecting only batteries for charging(charging port -> first bms -> additional wires on other side -> second bms)

But this way circle will still be closed through BMS. Or is it(vesc connected to switch that is not in place) - so this is valid solution and I would have to charge it without switch in place and this would work?

Please share your thoughts.

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Can’t say just that anymore. :joy: