Battery Advice 10s5p 30Q

I’m going on vacation but won’t be able to bring my board with me :disappointed_relieved: I’ll be away for, give or take, 4 weeks.

How should I leave my batteries? Should I fully charge it before I go? Should it be disconnected from the ESCs? Is there a certain way of keeping it in storage safely? It’s a 10s5p 30q pack.

Id store it half full, off the charger, battery pack disconnected, and optimally the battery pack would be in a fireproof bag.

But then again we leave them connected to our boards regularly so I’d just do the first 3 suggestions if you don’t have a fireproof bag :slight_smile:

Ideally batteries shouldnt be stored full. Storing at about half charge is better


The best is stored the battery’s around 3,45v each cell in a cool and dry space.

Disconnect the whole pack from everything. The ESC and antispark (if you use it) can drain the pack a bit.


Store it at 3.5V disconnected from everything. If you have a good bms then you don’t even have to do that.

thats not true, always disconnect from esc and anti spark because some anti sparks draw 0.5 watts even when turned off, for ex the fatboy antispark

1 month is a pretty long time and your battery will probably drain to 0% if you store at around 3.5v, so id say store at 100%

1month is okay for a battery. I have cells who are laying here for more then 3 months. They where 3,45v. I think they are now 3,35v. Let me check it tommorow.

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cells will always last longer then a pack with a bms in it, even the bms draws power which can cause the pack to go flat

I know. But a bestechpower bms draws less then 50 micro ampere’s. So that is 0,00173watt

Edit: 3,45v is around 4wh. So a 10s5p would be 200wh. So 200wh/0,00173watt = 115 000 hours.

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yeah lol, all he needs to do is unplug from anti spark then because theirs a chance that will be the killer

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Yeps. Those antisparks and vesc can be a killer.

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@AlanZhou, I said a good BMS. So fatboy doesn’t count because it’s neither. Let’s take a Bestech BMS as an example. It says it takes 50uA(~ for 10S battery) current draw to function. Say you want to allocate 1Ah of your 10Ah battery to BMS, it’s going to last you 1Ah/50uA = 1,000,000/50 hours = 20,000 hours = 833.33 days. If you want to have a factor of safety of say 2,5, or even 10, you are good for 3 months. A little bit of math, helps :slight_smile: . Let me know if I have made calculation mistake somewhere.

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it sounded like you said if you had a good bms you wont have to unplug from an antispark

I meant one doesn’t have to unplug the battery from the BMS.

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Yeah I could see why that would make sense. All my packs have been shipped fully charged. I’m sure there’s a time table where it makes sense. Thanks for the correction!

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So general consensus is:

  • Charge/Discharge the pack to 3.45V per cell (34.5V) / half full
  • Disconnect from ESC and other devices that can discharge it
  • Keep in a cool dry place, preferrably in a fire proof pouch/bag/container

Thanks to everyone for your input.

Have you been using it regularly? Does it have a loopkey that disconnects everything? If the answers are both “Yes” then just ride it once to get it between 25% and 70% charge, and leave it. If they aren’t both “yes”, please elaborate.

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Yes, on average 80km / week for the past year or so. Yes, my setup is battery (no bms)-> loopkey (no anti-spark) -> ESCs

So just disconnect loopkey and that should take care of it?

I have a vtc6 10S5P pack and left it for about 5.5 weeks. I left it plugged into my unity and worried about that parasitic drain. Contacted Jeff (@Deodand) said don’t sweat it; it is designed for it.

6 weeks later I check my voltage and it didn’t drop at all… stayed steady at 36.7