Battery advise for 58Kv Direct Drive - Focbox Unity - 110mm wheels


I am working on my first built, and interested in feedback for the battery set-up.

My 1,5 year experience is with Wowgo KT and Wowgo Mini hub-motors, 40Amp discharge battery. Mainly riding decent asphalt bicycle roads but also brick pattern street roads in the Netherlands.

Have ordered 58Kv direct drives ( and Focbox Unity (Massive because I want a more comfortable ride. For wheels the motors come with 110mm black airless rubber AT wheels and I have also ordered 110mm soft 74A urethane wheels ( .

I was very reluctant to spent this amount on any board, but gladually slipped down the road upgrading my board and now find it hard to resist to complete this with a matching battery. Was intriguided by the OneWow Black Carve but feel insulted by the outragious prices in the EU.

Preferred goal -as in ‘first-time right’- because this is the moment to do so: I want to being able to utilize full potential torque at low speeds from these DD motors with 110mm wheels (topspeed is not important ).

Minimum requirement: Achieving at least same torque at low speeds as the hub-motors. With Wowgo 40A compared to 120Amp this seems achievable, although so far on the forums and Youtube I have not seen clear evidence of this, the wheel diameter would be the pullcrit. What is your feedback on this?

My riding style is one hour 25km/hr slow rides with constant heavy carving. I am 46, like to lean a lot in the curves but don’t want to break bones. In reality there is still plenty of cruising because of cyclist and dog-owners I have to account for.

Please help me on what battery ?!

So far I came up with: 10s4p - Samsung 40T – 140A Continous – 576Wh / 15 = 38km Https://

What are your experiences regarding these Direct Drive motors, Focbox Unity and battery setup?

Would love to hear your advise and comments!

Groeten, Walter

Suggest you go 12s to get some additional top speed. I know you said that’s not important, but my eLofty 58kv at 10s on 110 wheels gets me 22.5 mph and I would prefer 25-26 and I believe you would as well.

If you would consider 30Q, which would definitely power you quite a bit more strongly than the hubs, here’s a pretty good deal:

Seems like a good price on battery. if you are based in US that a good option. But if you are in EU, not sure they can send it OS.

That’s my website, I am the producer of the focbox unity. Good Choice!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Yup. Didn’t notice the UK thing until just now. I would go with the Apex guys in that location: