Battery and ESC Enclosure Build

Ok now when building a DIY Board and when purchasing a Battery and ESC. I’m wanting to build my own Enclosure. How much air room is needed? Do I need to have vent holes to allow any overheating of the Battery and ESC. Should this be 100% sealed. Also don’t want to get water trapped inside the enclosure. Any good info on Enclosure builds!

Generally the batteries don’t need much cooling, but the esc’s do. Obviously more cooling is better but you’ll have to decide if you want to sacrifice water-resistance for it. If they have heatsinks that helps a fair bit. I’ve always used vescs with heatsinks so I don’t think you need to cut extra cooling holes for those. As for sizing your enclosure, first decide how big a battery and which escs you want. Then measure the underside of your board to see how much space you have to put an enclosure. This will help give you an idea of how to place everything inside and what configuration to make your battery. Remember to leave some extra space for all the little extra parts in the system- switch or loopkey, charging port, wires and connectors etc.

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